The Matrix Resurrection Trailer Released & Everything You Want to know

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The Matrix Resurrection Updates: A few days ago, there was a piece of news shared by Priyanka Chopra on her Instagram story. It was about the announcement of the upcoming The Matrix Ressurection movie. The most awaited movie will now be released soon.

The trailer has already been released a few days ago which has taken away many hearts. There are any questions that the fans have after watching the trailer which is available on youtube.

Here, is what the trailer has shown. The trailer begins with Neo(Keanu Reeves) who attends a therapy session with his original name Thomas. He is talking to the therapist when in the middle of the conversation he says “I have been having dreams that weren’t just dreams”.

The therapist role is played by Neil Patrick Harris. He also asks him “Am I crazy” to which the therapist replies “We don’t use that word in here”. After telling the therapist about his mental issues, the therapist prescribes he take some blue pills. To get rid of mental agony he also starts taking those pills in huge amounts.

The Matrix Resurrection Trailer


On a casual day, he crosses paths with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). Neo and Trinity pass a smile to each other and shake hands but don’t recognize each other. “Have we met?” Trinity asks Neo.

To which Neo just pass a little smile to her. And after that, he meets Yahya Abdul Mateen II’s character who gives him options to choose from two pills- one red and one blue, Neo chooses the red one. To which Yahya Abdul Mateen’s second character says “Time to fly,”.

The tone of his voice is mysterious which intern raises many questions about what will happen next in Neo’s life. Many uncommon and uncertain things go on in his life after he follows a girl who takes him into another world.

Which is very different from the world he was living in for a long time. His mental agony is not treated as disturbed mind thoughts, anxiety, or depression, but rather it is seen as a power that the world has never seen before. The power of an enlightened mind, the power of thoughts, the unimaginable power.

There are many breathtaking action scenes in the movie. Neo is even shown stopping the life-taking bullets by his superpower and diverting the direction of a missile that could have killed him and his partner. The trailer ends with Jonathan Groff’s character saying to Neo, “After all these years to be going back to where it all started, back to the Matrix.”

The Matrix Ressurection will be released on December 22.

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