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Outer Banks Season 3 Expected to be Released In 2022!

Outer Banks Season 3 has been announced but There hasn’t been any confirmed renewal of Outer Banks officially yet. But, given the show’s recognition and the ruthless cliffhanger they left everyone at in season 2, it’s possible under progress and will happen sometime soon. Season 2 was just recently released in July 2021 so it’s hard for season 3 to be announced so soon. It’s speculated to be released somewhere in the midst of 2022.

Assumptions of Outer Banks Season 3 to be continued with the treasure hunt has been going around. Apparently, there’s a jeweled cross and gold worth millions of dollars, both nestled in
The Bahamas. If we consider this notion then reasonably enough, everyone is going to be hunting for Ward and the gold which was stolen. Similar to the release date, Netflix has refrained from revealing anything regarding the actual plot for now.

Outer Banks Season 3 Updates

Outer Banks Season 3 cast and plot

It’s safe to say that Outer Banks’ season 2 end had left the viewers in a revelation. John B and Sarah continued their quest to find the treasure and meet up with the rest in Charlotte.
The group succeeded to avoid Ward, Rafe, and Carla still forgoing the threat of murder throughout the series, so much uncertainty to unpack in here.

It is expected that the hunt would carry on, similar to the previous season, and bloom until the Outer Banks Season 3. John B’s father is alive and breathing also leaves a lot of questions
left to be answered, as fans wonder whether they would ever cross each other’s paths again. In a recent interview with EW, Actor confirms that “John B’s relationship with his dad is a
huge theme [to shape season three].” Well, in essence, that maybe the audience is onto something. Pate also discusses the possibility of the evolution of mythology and such.

The entertainment sources have been teasing with the same presence of the leads in the series including Chase Stokes as John B., Madelyn Cline as Sarah, Jonathan Daviss as Pope,
Madison Bailey as Kie and Rudy Pankow as John B.’s loyal buddy JJ. However, new characters and the cast is still always a probability. It’s best to cope with an open mind while we wait, as the showrunner Pate had said he’s envisioning overall 4 or 5 seasons in total. We’ve got a long time to go, so buckle up!