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YOU Season 3: Release Date and All you need to know about

YOU Season 3 has been announced, The most loved character “Dan Humphrey” ( Penn Badgely) in gossip girl turned out to be the gossip girl all along; stalking the hell out of teenagers and their life. Inspired from his past endeavors this time Penn Badgely starred in the psycho/thriller show “YOU” and gave us everything we needed from an outright obsessed lover to a psychopath/manic killer who manipulates.

YOU Season 3 Recap

So, let’s start from the beginning of YOU season 1 started with joe delusional obsession with beck while trying to cover him from his last relationship and ended with Beck being killed by joe and his last love life “candace” who was supposed to be dead showing up and pulling the UNO reverse card.

YOU Season 2 started with Joe changing his whole existence and turning into Will to start fresh he stumbles upon love quite literally; Love being the quirky little girl next door but it’s revealed in the end that she might just not be who we are thinking. Love in my words is the perfect soulmate for Joe. The twisting season 2 ends with Candace killed by Love herself. One of the main things of the ending of season 2 is the bombshell that Love is pregnant with a baby who might or might not be joe’s.

YOU Season 3 info

So much happened in these 2 seasons that we still are trying to wrap our head around it genuinely. Season 2 ended by giving us a glimpse of Joe and Love’s near future which may be a little shady as it is seen that Joe is not happy with how his life turned out to be and he might just try to be the old Joe Goldberg we all know.

Netflix announced season 3 just as soon as season 2 ended but because of the world pandemic we were in they were hesitant to announce the dates after a year or so when the dust is settling down, we get the news and the trailer of YOU season 3 which released on August 30 which left us with the name of love and joe’s child Henry.

Season 3 Release date

YOU Season 3

And most prominently the release date is to be 15th October 2021. Let’s not lie that we were oh so subtly wanted the season 3. There are so many stones to turned and so many lives to be disrupted starting with joe himself and his past to Love and her oh-so-perfect Family.

Let’s hope everything in YOU Season 3 is out of our imagination.