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Loki Season 2: Actor Revealed How Tom Hiddleston Inspired Her

Loki Season 2

Loki Season 2 Updates: Because her MCU character Sylvie is a reincarnation of Loki, actress Sophia Di Martino integrated a vital element of Tom Hiddleston’s performance into her own.

Sophia Di Martino discusses how she was inspired by her Loki co-star Tom Hiddleston’s depiction when preparing for her own performance. Loki, as the title suggests, is the long-awaited solo showcase for Hiddleston’s fan-favorite MCU character.

At the same time, it has allowed the actor the opportunity to share the spotlight with certain series of newbies, such as Di Martino. Di Martino portrays Sylvie, the Loki Variant being pursued by the Time Variance Authority for killing their Hunters as part of a larger plot to bring down the organization, as shown in Loki’s early episodes.

Sylvie, like Loki, has rapidly become a fan favorite. Despite the fact that they are basically the same creature, they have enough variances that their interactions are genuinely intriguing. Last week’s Loki episode 4 revealed more about Sylvie’s past, including how the TVA imprisoned her as a kid for allegedly breaking the Sacred Timeline.

With only two episodes remaining in Loki’s run (barring a possible season 2), Sylvie is very certain to play a key role in the dramatic conclusion against the TVA.

Di Martino recently spoke with ET about Loki and her time portraying Sylvie. When asked if she drew inspiration from Hiddleston’s portrayal when creating Sylvie, Di Martino stated she was influenced by something extremely important to all Lokis: his mischief.

What Loki Season 2 actress shared?

Loki Season 2
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I believe, as you say, watching Tom play Loki, you can sense how much fun he’s having, and how much he enjoys the mischief and chaos of it. So I attempted to harness it in my own manner and simply have fun with it, as well as with Sylvie’s cheekiness and sarcasm. And, yes, mischief and mayhem, and just go with it. That definitely motivated me.

Nobody understands Loki better than Hiddleston; most fans are aware that he gave “Loki lectures” throughout production to further educate the actors on his character. Given that Sylvie is merely another version of the titular trickster, Di Martino’s portrayal is based in part on Hiddleston’s.

Loki and Sylvie are the same but not the same, and just as it was likely necessary to identify characteristics that differentiated Sylvie from Loki, it must have been equally important to locate a comparable thread linking them together.

Both Loki and Sylvie have undergone significant character development in the previous two episodes, which appears to have resulted in a dramatic Nexus event in last week’s episode. It remains to be known where this will take the two of them, but Sylvie appears to be staying in the MCU.

Di Martino recently stated that she hasn’t heard anything about a spin-off, but if Loki gets a season 2, there may be more to her story. Hiddleston and Di Martino have shown to be a fantastic onscreen couple, and fans will undoubtedly want to see more of them in the future. Let’s hope Loki turns out well for these two.

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