Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 2: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about Release Date and Cast

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Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 2 Updates: Created by Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey, Gabby’s Dollhouse is a kid’s TV show made for young children, around the preschool age group.

DreamWorks production is one of the best in this field and Gabby’s Dollhouse is no exception.

The show follows Gabby, a small little girl with an overactive imagination. She frequently daydreams in her world, filled with colors and happiness and kittens and warm music. The main object of desire is her dollhouse, which she imagines disappearing into, as an animated version of herself, and getting lost in the imaginary wonderland that she creates inside her own mind.

It is all about being happy and having a positive outlook on life. Gabby goes through several situations, but it maintains positivity. Thus through the show kids are encouraged to have an optimistic outlook to life.

It has it origin from a Youtube channel “Gabby and Friends” which is very popular and has a large audience base. The show was originally released on January 5, 2021, and has had a strong viewer base since then.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 2 Review

The first season was a big hit among the younger generation so season 2 was released owing to its high demands. Released on August 10th, this Netflix show has 8 episodes in a total of 24minutes each.

It does have some great storylines and kids do enjoy them. The friendships shown in the show are wholesome. While there are sleepovers and beach parties and everything that kids enjoy, but as a grown-up, it even hits your nodes.  Season 2 does sustain the aura that seasons 1 leaf behind on the audience.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 2: Renewal

It is yet not out whether there will be a third season of the show. But owing to its popularity among the audience this show should be out with another season. It is one of the most popular kids’ shows on the table and the third season is quite expected. The official announcement for the same is awaited by all.

Season 2: Final Words

In the end, with the rise in the viewership of animated series, Gabby’s Dollhouse is a great show to watch. Not only the kids, but even adults can watch such series as it really helps you have a positive outlook on life. It is currently streaming on Netflix with an IMDb rating of 7 of 10. Though the show is a kid’s show and the ratings are multiple user reviews.


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