Will Mass Effect 4 Repeat the Same Mistake?

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Mass Effect 4 Updates: Many options in the Mass Effect series disappointingly weren’t as shocking as they could have been. Mass Effect 4 can and should change that. Although the Massive effect The series largely revolves around the decisions of the players, not all options are as shocking as they are sometimes set to be.
Oftentimes, players can end up disappointed by how little lasting impact their opinion has on the overall history of the franchise. Mass effect 4 has a chance to fix this issue and should allow players to have a greater influence on the progress of the game.
One of the series’ most criticized decisions came at the end of Mass Effect 3, where players could choose how to face the Reaper threat in the final moments of the war. For many, the decision felt disappointing and its results were seen as unsatisfactory, especially as the conclusion of a trilogy that had been reaching its climax for years.

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The reaction was so remarkable that BioWare ended up releasing the Extended cut DLC for Mass effect 3, which added more context to both Shepard’s final decision and its aftermath.
Other plot points that are frequently mentioned are decisions regarding the council at the end of Mass effect 1. During the battle at the Citadel, Shepard has the first task of choosing whether to save the Council or leave his ship to fend for himself.
Regardless of which choice is made, humans will still be able to nominate someone for the position of Counselor, be it Anderson or Udina. This decision has a little real impact on the rest of the series, and it may not exist at all. Mass effect 4 You can and should do everything you can to avoid similar situations.

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