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Let’s Have a Look on Emma Stone Awkward Moments

Emma Stone

Emma Stone Updates: When it comes to her reputation, Emma Stone is unrivaled. The tabloids rarely have unpleasant things to say about the actress. Furthermore, she is frequently compared to other high-profile celebrities – and in ways that reflect adversely on them rather than Stone.

Despite her celebrity now, many consider Emma to be a down-to-earth person. She has admitted to failing an audition for a TV show and has shared relevant experiences about mingling with other celebrities and following her ex-boyfriend into the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise.

But there’s one event in particular that supporters feel makes Emma Stone more sympathetic than ever – even if it’s difficult to see.

Fans Claim This Emma Stone Was the Most Awkward Person They’ve Ever Seen.

Emma Stone’s most awkward celebrity moment has been memorialized in the aptly called forum “WatchPeopleDieInside.” The small video was shot at the 2017 Golden Globes, the same year ‘La La Land’ won an award.

Emma, of course, was one of the film’s primary cast members, so she was understandably overjoyed when the award was revealed. But so was everyone else, including her co-star Ryan Gosling and the film’s director, Damien Chazelle.

After the award was announced, the cast and crew began hugging one another, but Emma’s timing was incorrect. In a fan-shared video clip, Emma leans in for a hug with Damien, but he’s also coming off a hug with Ryan and going for a smooch with his then-girlfriend and now-wife, Olivia Hamilton.

Emma Stone: Awkwardness was palpable, and it was agonizing to see.

Emma Stone
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Fans can see Emma realize her error mid-embrace with Damien – who did not respond – and back away from the hug attempt in slow motion. Despite the lack of sound, fans can read Emma’s lips as she says, “That was awkward, I’m sorry.”

Olivia says something similar at the same time: “I’m very sorry.” As one admirer put it, “I can’t read lips to save my life, but man was that evident. What a pity.”

After all of that, the sight on Emma’s face is what fans refer to as “dying inside.”

As Damien passed past Emma to head up to the stage, a grimace could be seen on her face and in her body language. He makes a brief remark to her, but by then, the awkwardness of the situation has been reinforced; he never returned for the hug supporters feel she deserved!

However, others praised Emma’s handling of the incident, adding that she “really handled that like a boss.” Furthermore, they claim that it lifted the veil on Hollywood in certain ways: “Despite all of Hollywood’s publicists and immaculate fakery, they’re still just anxiety machines like the rest of us.”

But, other than Emma being extremely relatable, what’s the best part? “Ryan handled the situation well; all he had to do was applaud and laugh.”