Yellowstone Season 4: Star Says New Season Would be Fun

Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: The 4th season of Yellowstone will be premiering on Paramount Network by November 7 and in this season Teeter will be returning to help the Dutton Ranch for seeking revenge. As it is not known what it will be shown, the actor Jen Landon has jokingly said that it is not just fighting that proves physical ability.
As the season three finale ended with an explosive and action-packed ending, it is a test for Yellowstone Ranch in which John Dutton, Kayce Dutton, and Beth Dutton are left living to hang in the middle. As these trios were targeted, Rip and his fellow ranchers will be an action as Paramount Network will be featuring the 4th season in November.
Fans not only want to unfold the Duttons’ storyline but want Teeter back into action as she is one of the show’s most popular figures.
She was introduced in the third season and Teeter became the most lovable for his fans. It must be thankful for her no-holds-barred attitude, eccentric accent, and romance with her fellow ranch hand Colby.
These pairs back and forth give light relief in this series that are away from John’s trials and tribulations to keep their land out of their hand. They also have to keep the land out of the clutches of newcomer Roarke and Market Equities.

Yellowstone Season 4: Teeter and Colby

Teeter and Colby both had an equal contribution of their tough times at least when these pair were attacked and almost killed by their rival rancher Wade under the orders of Roarke and co. Their attack made a deep impact on them and their feelings got even stronger. In season 4, Teeter and Colby will be looking to set for their action-packed storyline yet.
Bohen who plays the role of Ryan in Yellowstone started the conversation in the 19th episode of this series by asking Landon: “What do you want for Teeter moving forward?
What would you like to see her get into, to do?” on which Landon replied that it was so above anything that I could have imagined and I will just fall short in comparison to what Taylor Sheridan would come up with his big and old friend.
Teeter would not only look forward to physical activity on the battlefield as she teased the development of his character’s romance with Colby. So fans will get to see more closure moments between Teeter and Colby in season 4.
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