The Last Kingdom season 5: About More Characters and Brida’s Backstory

The Last Kingdom season 5 Updates: The Last Kingdom season 5 is the last and final season of this series as fans are still waiting to know about its character and there is also a question arising that will Brida’s backstory be told? Let’s find it out.
The Last Kingdom season 5 is soon to be released on Netflix and this season will reveal the character’s storylines. In season 4 we saw Brida, the old friend of Uhtred driven mad in full anger after Uhtred leaves her in the middle.
The fans are super excited to see whether this season will reveal more about his childhood and where she exactly came from. The Last Kingdom fans were disappointed to hear that this Anglo-Saxon series would be an end after an of the fifth season.
The series focuses on the protagonist Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he helps to complete King Alfred’s legacy. The rivalry was torn between Saxons and the Danes and his friend Brida was unable to know why it just happened. She has always been loyal to Danes as they upbrought her and Uhtred but Uhtred disguised as a traitor by supporting the other side.

The Last Kingdom season 5 Brida’s Backstory

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As we know that Uhtred and Brida were been Saxon’s slaves to Ragnar the fearless and his family. Uhtred was soon freed and was raised as an adopted son of their family but the question arises, What About Brida? It wasn’t indicated in the show that she was brought up like Uhtred but she still lives with them and started getting familiar with young Ragnar to become a Dane warrior.
This series is based on Saxons Stories by Bernard Cornwell and one fan went into deep for more detail about Brida’s upbringing. Brida was an East Anglian girl founded by Ragnar during a raid. Brida and Uhtred were treated as slaves but allowed to be friendly with their kids.
They became best friends with Thyra and Rorik and they were started to treat better like other slaves after Uhtred saves Thyra from being raped by Sven.
Now filming of season 5 has not wrapped much about the plot. It is expected that Uhtred and Brida will be facing off against each other in the final season. There can also be a further exploration of Uhtred and Brida’s relationship from childhood to the present.
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