NCIS season 19 Is There Any Chances That Agent Gibbs Will Leave To Be With Jack Sloane

NCIS season 19 Updates: Season 19 of NCIS will mark the end of this series and Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has taken a decision to…

Published: August 26th, 2021 4:37 am | Updated: August 26, 2021 4:37 am

NCIS season 19 Updates: Season 19 of NCIS will mark the end of this series and Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has taken a decision to set back. Will he be ending by leaving the show with Jacqueline Sloane?
NCIS is an American police-based television series focusing on an imaginary squad of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service which controls criminal investigations in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.
The show was shot in Washington D.C. and it takes place in the entire Capital Metro area alongside with neighboring area of Maryland and Virginia with some of the scenes shot in Afghanistan or Iraq but the fact is that this series is filmed around California with starting of filming in Valencia Studios in Santa Clarita.
The concept and its introduction were first introduced in two episodes of its parent series “JAG” known as Ice Queen and Meltdown which was premiered in April 2003. NCIS is the first member of its franchise and it is the second-longest ongoing scripted TV series that surpassed Law&Order: Special Victims Unit.

NCIS season 19 Agent Gibbs & Jack Sloane

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NCIS season 19 will be premiered on CBS by September 20 and fans are excited to watch the whereabouts of Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. In the previous episode, it was shown that his ship was destroyed at the ending of the season and it seems that he has gone into hibernation after he stepped from his original role.
But the question still arises that who blew up his boat as some fans justifies that he himself set this event. He is the face of the franchise but his character will not be making his appearance in this movie. He is confirmed to make a star appearance in season 19 but there are more chances that he may leave down this line.
The one option which arises that how he could leave the story is so he can reunite with Jacqueline Jack Sloane. She is a former forensic psychologist and also a member of the major case response team which is led by Gibbs. In March 2021 she stepped back from both roles to resides in Afghanistan and work on a case that is close to her heart.
She left this series in season 18 after she decides to stay back and look after a group of abandoned girls. Before she can bid goodbye she and Gibbs share a smooch which made the fans wild. The fans had hoped a relationship between this pair would bloom earlier in the season. With this fact, fans are very upset to know that Sloane will be leaving the stage of their romantic bond. If Gibbs has to leave the series that it would make sense that he will be reuniting with Jack again.
In this season, the fact will be disclosed that what happened to his boat and hang up his hat. And with nothing left, it would be a perfect time to join Jack and work on his relationship.
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