Money Heist Season 5: Is There Any Reason Behind Killing of Nairobi in Season 4?

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: The producer of the series Money Heist, Jesus Colmenar reveals why Nairobi was killed before the fifth and final series season of this series.
The Spanish-language crime drama Money Heist director reveals that why the favorites of the fan character called Nairobi was killed in season 4. This popular show also better known as La Casa de Papel in Spain is going to launch its last season.
In this season The Professor, Tokyo, and the rest of the team members ventures on their most dangerous robbery till yet. And there is an agreement between them that even if they do not get all the gold from the Bank of Spain; they will be working with their hard passion for making it out alive.
Netflix will split the last season of Money Heist into two parts as the first season containing five episodes will be releasing on September 3.
These Salvador Dali-masked robbers are going to face their most dangerous battle ever against the Spanish military forces. But the trailer of the last season shows some faults in Professor’s plan but the group will not stop to defend their teammate’s death of Berlin, Moscow, and Nairobi and everyone else also who died during the following of the plan.

What Does Nairobi’s Death Mean To Money Heist Season 5?

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Nairobi known as fans’ most popular character of Money Heist is called “la puta ama” or the fucking boss. Her agonistic death was shocking as all the levels of criminals wanted her to be alive and make her reunite with her son.
In a recent interview with Variety, the director Jesus Colmenar reveals the importance of Nairobi’s death before season 5. Nairobi would not be the best fit for the upcoming season 5 according to the makers of this show.
Nairobi escaped a life-threatening assassination in the season 3 ending when she was tempted by her own son to be shot by a sniper. In season 4, Gandia kidnapped her and fixed her before the hole of a toilet door using as a shield before he shoots in her head. Corbero also told Variety that she is also quite disturbed by the departure of her close friend from both on and off-screen.
There will be counting of more deaths in this final season as violence is at its peak. And now the showrunners can’t just rely on the suspense and has to tie their loose ends. As no character seems to be safe even the elusive Professor. But it is confirmed that Money Heist is going to be a most dramatic and unexpected ending series.
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