Guardians of the Galaxy Game Revealed Awesome Mix of 80’s Hits Rock Music

Guardians of the Galaxy Updates: The gamers can now look and listen to the famous fictional band from Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy. Let’s take a brief look at it.
Marvel’s upcoming game Guardian of the Galaxy will not only offer punchy dialogues but will also contain an impressive soundtrack that completes with its own fake band. Music plays an important role in many video games and also in the Guardians of the Galaxy films so it is very important to get the right soundtrack.
Before the launch of the game Guardians of the Galaxy, their fans are getting updated with new information and teasers of the game. Players got to witness Star-Lord and his team of misfits which tries to rob none other than Lady Hellbender by selling Groot to the monster collector.
The clip created the humorous effect that the players have not expected throughout this game which also includes attempts of Drax’s flirting with the towering queen of Seknarf Nine. There is also an impact of Peter Quil’s love of ‘80s music on the game.

Guardians of the Galaxy Game’s New Video

A new video was uploaded by Eidos-Montreal on YouTube and fans get a chance to take a closer look at the beautiful track for Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy. The Senior Audio Director Steve Szczepkowski said that the music introduced is perfectly embedded into the DNA of the game.
The most interesting part is the licensing of ‘80s classics such as KISS “I Love It Loud” and Hot Chocolates’s “Everyone’s A Winner. The creators have also developed the Guardians of the Galaxy fictional band known as Star-Lord.
Star-Lord band goes further adding an elegant touch to the Guardians of the Galaxy game. The Senior Audio Director said that he had created an entire Star-Lord album. The audio director not only writes lyrics for this album but also recorded his own vocals.
While it will be a question that how the remaining album will be woven into this game, this is a perfect dedication from Eidos-Montreal and also steve Szczepkowski to this game. It will be interesting to watch the game after the launch as the teaser has created an amazing effect on the fans.
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