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Red Guardian Fought Winter Soldier, Not Captain America – Theory Explained

Red Guardian

Red Guardian Updates: What will happen if Red Guardian would have fought with Winter Soldier rather than Captain America? Let’s take a brief look at it.

Black Widow presented Red Guardian to the audience against Captain America who is equal and claims that he fought with Steve Rogers but the question arises that what if he actually fought with Winter Soldier. After Infinity Saga is over, MCU continues to expand, and also Phase 4 which covers both TV shows and movies.

Phase 4 started with three TV shows which are exclusive on Disney+ and on the MCU movie side it started with Black Widow’s final adventure on the big screen.

Set of the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, this character Black Widow follows Natasha as she runs after Civil War Battle. Natasha returns back to Russia where she meets her family and from there he joins the forces last time to bring down the Red Room, their leader Dreykov and suspenseful villain Taskmaster.

Her family comprised of Yelena Belova, Melina Vostokoff, and Alexei Shostakov each preceding various skills and abilities which play a significant role in the defeat of Dreykov. But the character who won the hearts of the audience was Red Guardian who claims that he fought and defeated Steve Rogers i.e. Captain America.

Red Guardian Vs. Winter Soldier

Red Guardian

At one time, Shostakov has become the only recipient of the Soviet version of the Super Soldier Serum which takes the name of Red Guardian and becomes the only Soviet enemy of Captain America. At the end of the mission himself with Melina, Natasha, and Yelena acted as an American family in which they were imprisoned in Russia.

Balck Widow guides Red Guardian with arm-wrestling prisoners and tells a story that how he defeated Captain America in 1980 and prisoner Ursa Major added that Steve Rogers is still frozen in ice at that time. But many of them believed that Shostakov’s story is a lie but he may be right as he may have killed the replicant of Captain America and not a real one.

According to the theory on Reddit, it suggests that Red Guardian might have fought with Winter Soldier or with one of HYDRA super-soldier who disguised himself as Captain America. The writer gives a brief that HYDRA had been operating throughout this Cold War and as Red Room is a Soviet Intelligence Service this can be two rivals against each other. Red Guardian was sure that he fought with Captain America but Winter Soldier skills are inferior to Steve Rogers.

Now it is up to the audience to make their justification on whether he was lying or just confused a little bit.

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