All American Season 4: Release Date and All About Predicting the Champions of the State Championship

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All American Season 4 Updates: All American delays the State Championship that was going to happen between South Crenshaw and New Beverly in Season 4 and we gotta know that who will win. There is a question arising before season 4 that who will win the title played between South Crenshaw and New Beverly. There has been a rivalry between Crenshaw and Beverly. Spencer James spent his first two years for New Beverly after Billy Baker selected him but he returned to South Crenshaw at the end of All American season 2.
All American Season 3 was focused on the ups and downs which results in the meeting of both the teams in the state championship. It has taken 3 seasons of All Americans to bring both the team to the end of the finale. Both the teams arrived at the arena before the game and their hot minds lead to a big fight between Crenshaw and Beverly’s players. After the fight, both the coaches convinced the referees to let happen the game by reducing the intensity of the fight.
All American season 3 ends when both the teams ended running out of the field. Instead of ending season 3 by delivering the epic game between these two schools, the show justified showing what will happen in All American Season 4. Let’s see and predict who will win All American’s state championship.
South Crenshaw and New Beverly have collided two times before this upcoming match but the game was different. Both the teams faced off in the All American season 1 finale when they were both in the state championship game. Back at that time, the team was different as Spencer was setting the rhythm with Jordan Baker with Coach Billy. They played very well but the game was won by New Beverly.

All American Season 4 Updates

There was again a rematch played between those two teams as they played a 7-on-7 game in spring as a friendly match. There brought a rivalry between Spencer and his half-brother Darnell. In this game, Spencer was trying to go for a touchdown while Darnell approached the defender. Spencer decided to get into his knee and Darnell also follows suit which results in shaking hands and go to their separate ways.
Now both the teams have the chance of winning the title, but the question arises that who will win California State Championship in All American Season 4? South Crenshaw would be favorable to win against New Beverly. They have no need to win this game but the pressure lessened on them encourages winning the title. Spencer’s teammates depicted signs of pressure which allows them to play normally. It also gives the school the flashback of losing the title while Spencer claimed back-to-back champion.
As South Crenshaw isn’t missing any key players, All American season 4 would be looking for Spencer and Billy to fulfill what they have planned and bring the title for South Crenshaw as a state championship. Who do you think will win the title? Justify your answers down in the comment box. Just stay tuned for more updates

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