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The Suicide Squad: Blackguard Was Waller’s Plan – Theory Explained

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Updates: Amanda Waller’s intentions in The Suicide Squad appear to be jeopardized by Blackguard’s treachery at the opening of the film, but his actions were all part of her plan all along. Suicide Squad (2016), directed by David Ayer, established Waller as a quasi-villain for the franchise. The soft reboot, directed by James Gunn, expands on this notion by making her a completely unlikable character.

As part of her Suicide Squad preparations, Waller sent two squads to Corto Maltese. While the first, bigger squad arrives at the south, Blackguard (Pete Davidson) goes out into the open, proclaims their arrival, and informs that the majority of the Corto Maltese army is preparing for them in the trees.

They shoot him in the face as he attempts to explain to the soldiers that he was the one who called to alert them to the attack, and Rick Flag tells Waller that Blackguard has sold them out. This detour clears the way for Team 2, but it also results in the death of the majority of Team 1.

The Suicide Squad’s first act opens with a very horrific combat sequence, some ludicrous death sequences for many characters, and proof that Waller has no concern for Task Force X’s life thanks to Blackguard’s betrayal. However, it also proves that this was Waller’s aim all along.

Team 1 had to offer a significant diversion in order for Amanda Waller’s plan to succeed, as stated to Team 2. Normally, the Corto Maltese soldiers would be dispersed around the island, doing various patrols. It’s possible that if Team 1 had arrived on the beach before the army was notified, the group might have been able to slip past those patrols undetected.

The Suicide Squad: Theory Explained

The Suicide Squad

The fact that Waller only gives a comprehensive briefing to Team 2 is perhaps the most damning indication that she anticipated Blackguard to sell Team 1 to the Corto Maltese. Waller delivers detailed mission information and goals to Bloodsport and his crew during the flashback at the opening of The Suicide Squad in the chapter “3 Days Earlier.”

Team 1, on the other hand, is given very little information regarding their task. Waller tells Rick Flag in the air on the route to the island, “Get the full squad safely to that beach, colonel.”

Once you’re there, you’ll get more orders.” The fact that even Rick Flag is kept in the dark about the intentions suggests that Waller has no intention of allowing any of Team 1’s members to make it past the beach.

Waller was most certainly trying to get rid of Rick Flag. The flag has learned to appreciate villains like Harley and is likely to resist Waller’s plan to murder them mercilessly. Furthermore, Waller’s plan for The Suicide Squad to erase proof of US complicity in Starro’s presence in Corto Maltese violates Rick Flag’s moral code, and she is well aware of this.