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The Suicide Squad: Why Amanda Waller Needs Bloodsport

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Updates: The latest trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad announced that Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) won’t take no for answer when it comes to Bloodsport (Idris Elba) leading the newest Task Force X company, but why does Waller require Bloodsport? In this David Ayer movie, Waller consigned that post to Rick Flag (Joel Kinneman).

Rick is yet on some roster, however, this moment around it seems like he’ll be obeying the rules of Bloodsport.

More exact than the one that was released in March, the second trailer for The Suicide Squad highlighted the anti-hero performed by Idris Elba, who has earned top-billing for the forthcoming DCEU movie.

In DC Comics, Bloodsport a.k.a. Robert DuBois is a remarkably experienced and ruthless ex-soldier notorious for nearly hitting Superman (despite not having actual superpowers).

Based on what was stated in the trailer regarding his antiquity with the Man of Steel, it would appear that The Suicide Squad will be drawing from those parts of his personality for his first-ever big-screen debut.

As recorded in the trailer, the DCEU version of Bloodsport will be recruited from jail by Waller, who sets him in the custody of Task Force X.

Waller practicing Bloodsport’s daughter’s impending court proceeding as leverage to make him bend to her will reveals how determined she is to make assured he manages the team.

This was moreover evidenced by her remark that she wouldn’t take such “extreme measures” if the purpose wasn’t so necessary. Nevertheless, what The Suicide Squad doesn’t reveal about Waller is why she wants Bloodsport precisely, especially when she was already has a skilled soldier in proud soldier, Rick Flag.

The Suicide Squad Bloodsport

The Suicide Squad

It looks likely that Waller’s thought for picking him over all other applicants lies in his capabilities.

Why the Suicide Squad needs Bloodsport may have been mentioned in the trailer’s availability line.

It was announced that DuBois moved to jail for placing Superman in the ICU by killing him with a Kryptonite shot. This line may explain how Luthor Knew Superman’s weakness in Batman v Superman and reveals Bloodsport’s worth.

There’s no doubting that getting down the Last Son of Krypton is no easy feat, also when Kryptonite is included.

Pulling this off would have taken a significant number of vital planning, especially when analyzing all the capabilities that he’d have to account for, including super hearing and super speed.

Any non-powered quality capable of landing someone like Superman in a risky position is sure to earn recognition from all kinds of distinctive personalities. So with that in memory, it makes insight that this is essentially why Waller is so insistent on selecting him.