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Guardians of the Galaxy Game’s Purple Llama Has Possible Comic Connection

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Updates: Ever since Square Enix’s E3 presentation of the new Guardians of the Galaxy game, fans have been wondering about the purple Llama that showed up at the end of the presentation. The Llama might hold a possible connection to the comics.

The red-headed purple Llama has piqued the curiosity of fans ever since it appeared at the end of Square Enix’s E3 presentation of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot seems to be very taken by the Llama and fans have been wondering where it came from and how it ended up in the custody of The Guardians.

After Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix has taken up another Marvel title. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be set in a different continuity from Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Marvel’s Avengers. Developer Eidos Montreal, the team behind Shadow of the Tomb Raider, promised that the game will have fun nods and Easter Eggs are hidden for the fans of the Guardians.

The game will follow the story of Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer who make up the Guardians of the Galaxy. Classic characters like Mantis, the Nova Corps, Cosmo The Spacedog are also to make appearances in the new game. As it turns out, the bizarre Llama creature might have a four-color origin of its own.

Guardians of the Galaxy Purple Llama

Guardians of the Galaxy

Earlier today, the official Twitter account of Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy confirmed that the name of the Llama is Kammy. Kammy sounds a lot like Cammi. As it happens, Cammi is a character from the comic books, not a Llama but a human girl.

Cammi is first seen in the 2015 comic Drax The Destroyer #1. In the comic, she helps Drax battle the Blood Brothers. The Blood Brothers are present in the new game, therefore, Kammy the Llama might derive some connection to the comic Cammi.

Although Llama Kammy and Human Cammi are not the same, it is possible that when Drax sees that the Blood Brothers are back for revenge, he names the team’s new pet after an old friend who helped him defeat his foes in the past.

Marvel’s game is a single-player game where the player is put in the role of Star-Lord who will lead The Guardians of the Galaxy on another space-faring adventure. The decisions taken by the player as the leader of the Guardians will shape the story of the game. The game is set to be launched on October 26, 2021.