Final Fantasy XIV Explains Why Sage Job Icon Is Being Changed

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Final Fantasy XIV Updates: The sage mission icon in Final Fantasy XIV: Terminator was redesigned due to the concerns of intensive phobia gamers before its release. Endwalker is the fourth expansion pack to be launched in FF14 and adds two new classes: Death and Sage. The expansion is planned to start in November 2021.
Sage is a healing class with a series of spells that can benefit other characters and create a protective barrier for the Sage class in the Final Fantasy series.
It is different from FF3, but the version in FF14 is very different, because the original legend is a master of black and white magic, while the new legend focuses on healing/enhancing. One thing that the new legend lacks in the old version is zero, which is a floating sword that can be sent to attack the enemy.
The Reaper and Sage career symbol was introduced before the release of Endwalker in November. FF14 producer and director Yoshida Naoki issued a statement on the official website of “Final Fantasy 14” stating that the icon of Sage’s work has been changed. The four novelists have holes in the handles.
Yoshida said that the FF14 team has received feedback from players from all over the world, saying that the badge has caused them to complain about intensive phobia.

Final Fantasy XIV Sage Job Icon Is Being Changed


Density phobia is the aversion to multiple small holes grouped together, as seen in lotus seeds or strawberries. The severity of intensive phobia varies from person to person, but feedback from FF14 players convinced that the Yoshida Sage badge should be changed, especially if it appears on non-toys. The new sage symbol is the same as the old symbol, except that the three holes combined have now disappeared.
It is commendable that Yoshida and his team made this change based on player feedback. The surge in interest in MMOs has caused FF14 servers to be so crowded that it takes a while to log in to any server during peak hours. It is easy to dismiss the claims of a few people.
However, the FF14 team listened to the opinions of fans and made changes to make them more comfortable when playing. When the Endwalker extension is launched this fall, this change is expected to have a positive impact on the gaming experience.

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