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Control Z Season 2: Trailer, Release date and the new villain of the Netflix series

Control Z Season 2 Updates: Netflix has already revealed several details about season 2 of ‘Control Z’, including the premiere date and the first trailer in which we can see the course that the story will take in the new episodes.

It was in May 2020 when Control Z premiered on Netflix. It tells the story of an insightful girl who must solve the mystery of who is behind the account on social networks that reveals the deepest secrets of the most popular students of her school, something that radically changes the lives of some and even shores one of the students dies. This production became a consumer phenomenon in Mexico and various parts of the world, so it was renewed for its second season and, after almost a year, we already know more details about it.


Control Z Season 2 Cast
Control Z Season 2 Cast

Netflix has shared through a statement the synopsis of season 2 of Control Z , mentioning that “now there is a new threat … much more dangerous.” The streaming giant details the villain of the episodes, ensuring that the death of Luis ( Luis Curiel ) will be the trigger for the mystery that begins to affect the students.

“The days when the worst that could happen was that your secrets were revealed to the whole school left behind. Is the threat now? The Avenger. A mysterious figure who seeks to avenge the death of Luis terrorizing the school. Everything the students want is to move on with their lives and leave behind what happened with the hacker … but The Avenger will not let them escape so easily, “Netflix mentions.


It will not be long before we can enjoy the second season of Control Z, since it will arrive in the Netflix catalog worldwide on August 4, 2021. It should be noted that Ana Valeria Becerril will return as the protagonist and will again have to decipher a series of clues that possibly lead her to discover the identity of The Avenger. She will be accompanied again by Michael Ronda , Yankel Stevan , Macarena García , Andrés Baida , Fiona Palomo , among others. Of course, there will be an absence of weight compared to the first installment, since Zión Moreno is no longer part of the cast.


Netflix has taken advantage of how close we are to the premiere of the second season of Control Z to reveal the main trailer, in which they quickly reconnect with the events that closed the previous installment. As we will remember, Javier (Ronda) suffered injuries after a party that put his life at risk, however, we now know that he has survived and will eventually return to school to help the protagonist.

The attacks against Raúl (Stevan) do not stop now that everyone knows that he was the hacker, but outside of that the students seem to want to return to normality. The problem is that, in full tribute to Luis, they receive a publication on social networks of the deceased student crying out for revenge, so little by little this story unfolds that will lead Sofía (Becerril) and company to run into people trapped, wounded from the past and much mystery.