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Here’s How Much Anne Hathaway Was Paid For ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Updates: Anne Hathaway is a great movie star who has enjoyed success in Hollywood since their breakup in 2001, the actress knows big projects very well, although she misses some winners, it is undeniable that she can pick a project like everyone else. , Your job is very good and your salary is a great help to your wealth.

Hathaway joined DC in 2012 and starred with Christian Bale on The Dark Knight Rises. The film is very popular financially, with box office receipts exceeding a billion dollars. Because of this, fans want to know how much Hathaway has made. this movie.

Let’s see how much money Anne Hathaway made on Rise of the Dark Knight.

Hathaway is a major movie star. When you explore the entertainment industry landscape and watch closely who is the best actor in the current game, it becomes clear that Anne Hathaway has shown great talent. She is known as a much younger actress and has had a formidable career in Hollywood.

In 2001, The Princess Diaries brought Anne Hathaway to the mainstream and hit the box office. This is Hathaway’s first major film project, and it’s a better start for this young actress.After “The Princess Diaries” the success will diminish significantly, but Hathaway will soon recover.

Anne Hathaway
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Princess Diaries 2 and Brokeback Mountain were a fantastic hit for Hathaway, who stumbled upon the disappointment of the subsequent film. In 2006 the actress became famous with one of the most popular films of 2000, “The Devil Wearing Prada”.

For more than years, Hathaway’s loans have grown steadily. “Get Smart”, “Bride Wars”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Les Miserables” etc. make this star a leading Hollywood star. Of course, the actress works on the big screen to make money.

Million Made One of the greatest benefits of Hollywood breakthroughs is that artists can get decent salaries from the studios they hire to carry out their biggest projects. The salary for “The Princess Diaries” is $ 400,000, but she makes more over time.

Celebrity Net Worth said Hathaway doubled her princess diary for Brokeback Mountain and raised an impressive $ 800,000 for her role in the film. However, Devil Wears Prada took things to a new level and the actress managed to break the coveted $ 1 million mark.

Hathaway made $ 5 million on Get Smart and Bride Wars, which must have been a huge win at the time. What is impressive is that his salary will continue to rise as he will eventually bring home $ 10 million for Les Miserables.

Now, The Dark Knight Uprising remains one of the hottest commercial films in Anne Hathaway’s brilliant career, and the box office for superhero films is also exceptional. People surely want to know how much Anne Hathaway can bring home to play. Christian Bell in the film.In he made $ 7.5 million for The Dark Knight Uprising.

Anne Hathaway plays Selena Kyle in The Dark Knight: Rebellion, with an estimated income of $ 7.5 million. This is a handsome salary that the actress eventually brought home, though we have to wonder how much extra cash she can make from the commercial. Success of this film.

Hathaway has carried on his already formidable legacy since The Dark Knight Uprising was a huge hit. It’s only a matter of time before the star doubles her salary for maximum business success. After taking part in the MCU one or more times, we suspect Marvel will be spending a lot of money to let you take the lead.

In, it was reported that Anne Hathaway wanted to make $ 15 million with Barbie but eventually dropped out of the project and starred Margot Robbie. the film that would of course be worth it. Somehow, even if she quits her job, it’s obvious that Hathaway’s salary game is just moving forward.