Fallout 76: Steel Reign Update’s Best New Content For Long-Time Fans

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Fallout 76 Updates: The fallout franchise is a stable game franchise that has been releasing its best throughout these years. Fallout 76 is the 9th series of the franchise and it has been doing its best in the gaming industry. The Brotherhood of Steel questline has been concluded with the latest update Steel reign.

The Brotherhood of Steel is a series of quests introduced earlier in the game and it is one of the major free updates of the game. Bethesda is upholding the popularity of the series by launching free quality updates to the game. Generally, most of the updates for the Fallout games contain some features with reference to its previous games. Apart from the references, the updates also add new features to the game.

The Steel Reign update has provided new features to the game that changes the gameplay to an extent. The update is built around the series’ iconic Brotherhood of steel and it has considerably expanded the faction’s storyline. With the Steel Update, a new aura has been given to the game’s title and players can expect different gameplay. The Steel Reign update to Fallout 76 has given the game its playability, during the endgame.

Steel Reign update allows the players to get hold of increased Fallout 76 caps (i.e., From 30,000 to 40,00). This update allows includes a vendor, Minerva and she can be found in one of her three camps each week. The vendor limit is also increased and she deals in gold bouillon and player caps. The player map is also expanded and the areas can be explored during the quest missions.

Fallout 76: Steel Reign Update


Another major game icon for Fallout is Hellcat power armor and it is added in the Steel Regin update of Fallout 76. Fallout veterans and dedicated fans can recognize this feature as it is not new to the game. The Hellcat power armor is the latest addition to the game which also added a bit more customization to the game. The Steel Reign update brings the Face Breaker weapon which is similar to the power fist featured in Fallout 4. Another Fallout 4 reference feature added in this update is the Cryogenic bed.

The Brotherhood of Steel was introduced in Fallout 76 in its sixth update ‘Steel Dawn’. The Brotherhood of Steel opened a new questline for the players and also added a few NPC characters to the game. The Brotherhood of Steel faction is not new to the game and it has been featured in every main game in the series. The Steel Dawn provided a platform for the Brotherhood of Steel quests to kick off. The Steel Reign will continue from where the Steel Dawn was left and it will mark the conclusion of the Questline.

Employing Super Mutant uprising to the game has become a tradition of the Fallout series. The Steel Reign will introduce a new Mutant enemy, Berserker, who is equipped with a faster and exclusive attacking style. The inclusion of different fighting styles in the game has allowed the Fallout games to evolve out its box every time. Brotherhood of Steel disliking Super Mutants and fighting against them is classic gameplay and Fallout 76 also follows the same. It was iconic gameplay from the time of Fallout 4.

The most anticipated feature of the Steel Reign update is its new Legendary Crafting system. This allows the player to turn the normal weapon or armor into legendary items. This feature has included more versatility to the game. With the Steel Reign update, Power armor too can be crafted into legendary power armor. Players have the flexibility of upgrading the tools using the Legendary crafting system. They can upgrade and downgrade the tools according to their wish.

A display for power armor has also been included, allowing the players to easily organize their inventory items. Bethesda hopes that the Steel Reign update will improve the gameplay of Fallout 76 and hence allowing players to experience the game even more enjoyable.

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