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Contra Returns Launches With Over 200 Levels & PvP Online Matches

Contra Returns

Contra Returns Updates: Timi Studio Group and Konami have officially launched Contra Returns on July 26. This is an enhanced version of the older arcade title that exchanges joysticks with touchscreens on Android and iOS devices. This game was already launched by Konami in the Asia regions and all across Southeast Asia, but now the game has made its way in the Westlands.

North America, South America, and Europe all get their hands on this game starting from day one itself. This is also a free-to-play game for anyone wondering and you can try this out for yourself on your smartphones.

This game now has more than 200 levels and also includes an online PvP. New weapons and new system upgrades have also been added which make the game more appealing to play.

The developers also mixed in various game modes with the release which can be removed or improved depending on the response from the players so make sure to try all of them out before they are removed.

Contra Returns: PvP Online Matches

Contra Returns

A number of PvP modes spice up the gameplay experience as well, allowing users to battle each other in Ranked Match, 1v1 Hero Battlefield, 1v1 Warm-up, 2v2 Ultra Rapid Fire, and 3v3 Fort Battle.

The only thing that has not changed is the fact that Contra is the main focus of the game and the original game fun is not touched at all and we can all feel nostalgic about the game while playing it and can remember the good old days. Players assume the role of Contra members who help repel the forces behind the alien invasion on Earth.

This series made its way into the industry first in 1987, with characters Bill and Lance sitting front and center. The PC version was launched the same version, however, the NES version did not come out in the stores until early 1988.

Well, we all will surely try the game out and freshen up the memories once again. Let us know what you think about this game and make sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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