Chrissy Teigen Breaks Down in Tears as She Reads Supportive Fan Mail

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Chrissy Teigen Updates: Model Chrissy Teigen took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday to thank her fans for their supporting fan mails after her pregnancy loss last year.

Last year in August, Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend announced that they were expecting their third child. The couple shares Luna, 5, and Miles, 3. However, Teigen lost her third child a month after the announcement. Teigen went through several complications during the pregnancy and the loss of her child was extremely painful for the entire family.

The consolation from fans and friends started pouring in right after the news broke of her loss. However, Teigen has just received those fan mails and letters and took them to her Instagram Story to express her gratitude for the consolations.

She posted a thread of videos on her Instagram Story. In the video, Teigen revealed that she received the letters just then because the place that receives the fan mails was closed and only recently opened. Teigen choked up as the camera panned to the large pile of letters. Tearful, Teigen expressed her gratitude for the immense amount of condolence letters and cards and she promised to read them all.

What Chrissy Teigen Shared About the Fan Mail?

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Teigen‘s posts come amidst her recent controversy involving Courtney Stodden and Michael Costello. In an interview with Daily Beast, Stodden had accused Teigen of sending them disparaging comments on social media. Following this allegation, Teigen took a break from social platforms and even exited her role from Never Have I Ever Season 2 which later went to Gigi Hadid.

It was around the same time that Michael Costello took to Instagram to give his own allegations of Teigen, accusing her of bullying. He said that the model and her stylist, Monica Rose, tried to ruin his career. Teigen’s comeback to the allegations was claiming that the evidence shared by Costello was fake.

She took to Instagram earlier this month to share her thoughts on being canceled. She wrote that she had learned a lot about the cancel culture in the past few days. She said there’s no winning in it as whatever she says will be scrutinized and picked apart.

When talking about her being canceled, with TMZ paparazzi, she said that it could go on forever. The model doesn’t mind as she can live her life and take care of her kids.

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