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Megan Fox Admits Recent Hallucinogenic Trip With Machine Gun Kelly Was ‘Hell for Eternity’

Megan Fox
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Megan Fox Updates: Megan Fox talked about her and her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly‘s experience using the hallucinogenic drink ayahuasca in Costa Rica. The actress, who describes the experience as her own personal “hell,” is actively urging others to try it out.

She was questioned about her experience by fill-in presenter Arsenio Hall during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and she didn’t hold back in telling the viewers precisely what she went through.

“It was a tumultuous experience. I went to hell for the rest of my life on the second night. Knowing that there is no beginning, middle, or finish to eternity is torturous in and of itself “she explained “So you’ve had a genuine ego death.”

While the pair was doing this alone, they were surrounded by 20 other individuals who were going through the same thing. While drinking the tea was part of the experience, it didn’t end there. In reality, it took place across several days. It also involved embarking on a jungle trek with indigenous people and restricting her food consumption, according to the 35-year-old.

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Megan Fox
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She wondered if she and her partner would get the whole experience because the area felt more “glamping” than anything else, but she confirmed that it was very much the genuine deal. She went on to explain that due to the drought in Costa Rica, she wasn’t even permitted to shower and that the hotel was “nothing spectacular” despite how nice it appeared.

“So you go, and we were with 20 other strangers, and you line up at the edge of the rain forest over this odd fence and you go three-by-three and you sip lemongrass tea until you just vomit everything out of your body, not of your own will.” Fox went on to add that each participant had to “vomit” a specific quantity before being allowed to continue with the experience.

Despite the fact that it seemed “crazy,” she claimed it was a fantastic “connecting moment” for everyone as they all puked. “It’s basically your own personal hell, the drugs, right?” This is a medication that goes beyond conversation therapy or hypnosis; it just penetrates your spirit and leads you to the psychic prison you’ve created for yourself.

So you’ve created your own hell. And I was unmistakably present.” Despite the fact that her experience didn’t seem like the most enjoyable way to spend one’s hard-earned money, she is urging others to do likewise.