Hulk Has The Grossest Way of Solving a Common Superhero Problem

Hulk Updates: Superheroes just like the Incredible Hulk are well-known for being truly indestructible. Bullets, bombs, or even lasers were proven incapable of piercing the…

Published: July 22nd, 2021 6:33 am | Updated: July 22, 2021 6:33 am

Hulk Updates: Superheroes just like the Incredible Hulk are well-known for being truly indestructible. Bullets, bombs, or even lasers were proven incapable of piercing the excellent-sturdy Green Goliath’s pores and skin — that may come to be a critical hassle on the subject of scientific treatment.

After all, superhero battles are risky and if a hero just like the Hulk changed into ever gravely injured, docs wouldn’t be capable of using traditional equipment to deal with him. Needles, scalpels, or even a defibrillator might have little to no impact on a person just like the Hulk, which means his invulnerable frame might, ironically, be the very element that finally ends up killing him.

Fortunately, the Hulk is not anything if now no longer innovative and cunning – and he as soon as got here up with an innovative (if rather gross) manner of having round that hassle while he needed to be searching for scientific attention.

This came about in The Incredible Hulk #365, in the course of a storyline with the aid of Peter David and Jeff Purves titled “Countdown.” In the story, Bruce Banner gets poisoned with the aid of a scientist who seems to be Madman, the brother of Hulk’s antique nemesis the Leader.

Although Banner converted into the Hulk — who at this factor in his evolution changed into gray-skinned and intelligent — the poison endured having an effect on the Hulk who suffered from a couple of coronary heart attacks.

Realizing he wished for help, Hulk sought out Reed Richards who changed into giving a speech at a close-by gathering. Unfortunately, Hulk’s violent front made all and sundry assume he changed into attacking, which were given him right into combat with the Fantastic Four’s new member Ms. Marvel.

Hulk Superhero Problem


Although he controlled to overpower Ms. Marvel, he suffered some other coronary heart attack, permitting Ms. Marvel to knock him out. In the aftermath, Reed had the Hulk transported to a close-by health center in which he changed into being dealt with with the aid of a doctor.

Waking up withinside the health center, Hulk changed into knowledgeable that the docs wished a blood pattern to discern out what changed into poisoning him, however, couldn’t pierce his pores and skin or maybe his gums with their needles.

In response, Hulk clearly requested for a take a look at the tube — after which hit himself withinside the face till he was given a bloody nostril. Although his recuperation element quickly sealed up the wound, Hulk simply saved punching himself time and again till his nostril dripped sufficient blood for Reed Richards and the alternative scientists to analyze. Admitting the technique changed into rather taxing, Hulk simply requested the docs for a few aspirins.

Hulk might in the end discover a therapy for his condition, however, his violent way of extracting his personal blood indicates what lengths he’s inclined to head simply to survive, and for the reason that his imperviousness is a not unusual place trait among superheroes, it is a tactic that others ought to strive in the course of their guess check-up.

After combating the navy and several excellent villains, Absolutely no stranger to pain, however even Reed Richards changed into greatly surprised at how simply the behemoth changed into inclined to interact in self-harm.