Nicolas Cage Reveals Why He Left Hollywood

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Nicolas Cage Updates: According to American media reports, the popular action star Nicholas Cage of the late 1990s and early 2000s, like Rob, was embarrassed about becoming famous and wanting to live abroad.

Nicolas Cage has an instinctive understanding of how to play the brooding truffle collector Rob in Piggy’s heart. This independent film explores Rob’s love for domestic pigs and his turbulent relationship with former celebrity chefs. As a popular action star in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Cage understood Rob’s contradictory feelings about fame and fortune and shared his desire to live offline.

Why did Nicholas Cage leave Hollywood?

In an interview with American media, Cage said: “I definitely feel like I walked into my own desert and left the Hollywood town. “I don’t know why Rob gave up his reputation. I never fully explained it. One aspect of this movie is what to me. But for me, I’m not sure if I want to go back. “I’m not sure if I want to make another Disney movie. It will be a nightmare. This is a completely different environment. There is a lot of horror in it.

Cage is no longer starring in Jerry Bruckheimer’s 1996 “Rock” (The Rock) and 1997 “Air Deception” (Air Deception) and other comic action movies Box office results at the time. In budget movies, some are easily forgotten (murder chain, anyone?) and some are unfairly underestimated, just like David Gordon Green’s personable portrayal in Joe. Even in At the peak of his career, Cage also stated that he was reportedly worried about commercial restrictions on his performance.

There are many good times, but there are also uncomfortable times. It must be announced,” Nicolas Cage told the American media while looking back on his life. They will introduce you and say, “Now tell you the route of training the wheel. “I will do it, but I also want to try,” I added. You have more freedom and flexibility when making independent films. There is less pressure in the room. There is more oxygen,” he said. Say.

“Not sure if I want to go back”: Nicholas Cage 

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After experiencing a series of opera-like heights in films such as “Mandy” and “Prisoner in a Ghost Land”, I imagined that my testicles would be torn off. What it looks like, Cage uses a pig to remind the audience that he can handle subtle nuances.

Nicolas Cage said that he choreographed every rhythm of his performance for films such as “Prisoner of Ghosts”, using what he called a Western Kabuki theater, combining unconventional vocalization, German expressionism, and indomitable emotions. Created a unique style. Countless memes have been dedicated to chewing the influence of the landscape. Loyal fans and Ethan Hawke welcome him to become the first actor since Marlon Brando to really do something new in acting.

Nicolas Cage  said he just wanted to go to the set, enter the room, and tell the story based on his life experiences, memories, and terrible nightmares the night before. “Because of the lack of a better description, I want to revert to a form of behavior that is more like haiku. This is exactly what I mean by this sentence. Haiku consists of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables, plus words And syllables.

Pig is not just a study of characters. The film also explores the strong bonds that can be formed between humans and animals. Rob’s hunting pig truffle is his best friend and the only source of unconditional love in his life. According to reports, Cage has a similar relationship with his cat, Merlin.

“The Pig” will be released on July 16. Although critics praised its return to Cage-Form, don’t expect him to give up his unfamiliar efforts. He played a fictitious himself, an old star recruited by the CIA. “I’m not going to watch this movie,” Nicolas Cage said. He said that this is a good movie worth recommending. People say they like it. They had a lot of fun, and he did it for the audience. The American media said that he went to the premiere to sit with everyone, which was too much for him. Psychologically, this is too strange and outrageous for him. – He says.

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