Marvel Theory: Loki Is The Beginning & End Of An MCU Multiverse Time Loop

Marvel Theory

Marvel Theory Updates: Finally, Marvel has introduced us to the famed multiverse through its phase 4 projects Wanda Vision and Loki. Even though most were anticipating the proper introduction of the multiverse in Wanda Vision, Marvel surprised us by giving us a full-out history lesson on the Multiverse in its most popular series Loki.

Since the beginning itself, each episode gave us a few facts about these branches of time but it all came together in the end during the series finale when Sylvie and Loki met Kang or as he was called here “He Who Remains”.

He explained to them why he did what he had to do, the secrets of the multiverse, and also why the TVA was a necessary evil. Here we see that the Multiverse is a delicate as it can get with a new branch in timeline occurring frequently upon something as small as a butterfly fluttering around in the wrong direction.

In the end, Sylvie kills Kang unleashing chaos in the Multiverse, now you may ask what next and Marvel may have already answered your question. In the series, Loki states that the multiverse could be a cycle of endless creation and destruction and that is a great theory.

Marvel Theory: MCU Multiverse

Marvel Theory

Adhering to what Kang said, humans find out about the multiverse somewhere around the 30th century, a discovery which was most probably made by a version of Kang. Now while some of his variants would be peace-loving others would-be despots and conquerors who would look to gain control and only two feasible options remain, either there will be a never-ending war for power or one will conquer all and that is exactly what happened to ‘He Who Remains’.

A war broke out between his variants and he alone came out on top after learning to control Alioth and if you really think about it this is going to go on and on and on stuck in a loop confirmed by Kang saying “see you soon” right before his death and Loki seeing the statue of Kang in the TVA replacing the three timekeepers, a fitting entry for Kang in the MCU.

Now the most probable story is for Loki season 2 will definitely be him fighting against these different versions leading to the events of Marvel’s Secret Wars an action-packed storyline we can’t wait for.