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Dead Or Alive 6 Crossover Event Coming To King Of Fighters All Star

Dead Or Alive 6

Dead Or Alive 6 Updates: This summer, King Of Fighters All-Star will have another crossover, this time featuring some of the characters from Dead Or Alive 6. Epic crossovers are nothing new in the world of fighting games, and now the cast of Dead or Alive 6 is paying a visit to King Of Fighters All-Star.

Since its premiere in 2019, Netmarble Games’ mobile fighting game has welcomed a slew of special guests, including combatants from the Tekken and Samurai Shodown series, as well as WWE Superstars The Rock and John Cena. That is just for the stars, such as the general of warriors.

Due to main fighter Terry Bogard’s appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and parent publisher SNK’s involvement in Capcom’s lengthy history VS series for numerous titles in the early 2000s, the brand has crossed over with multiple other games.

The calm schoolgirl Honoka, the Mugen Tenshin ninja fighter Kasumi, the combat servant Marie Rose, and the tengu princess Nyotengu will all be introduced to the series. On July 29, all of the stars will be available for free, including Honoka and Marie Rose.

Dead Or Alive 6 Crossover

Dead Or Alive 6

The remaining two, as well as the unique “swimsuit version costume for all four, will be unlocked. On Netmarble’s King Of Fighters AllStar website, fans may now pre-register for the upcoming update and earn a bonus of 3000 rubies.

The women of the Alive or Dead franchise were most recently featured in Dead or Alive 6, which garnered mostly positive reviews for its enhanced combat but negative reviews for its poor narrative and rudimentary multiplayer.

Alive or Dead has recently made news for less than good reasons, such as an illegal video from 2017’s Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (a Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 online browser upgrade) was spreading in Japan, prompting PRAYER developer Koei Tecmo to notify the authorities.

King of fighters Y Alive or dead have crossed before thanks to KOF mainstay of Mai Shiranui as a DLC character in both Dead or alive 5 Y,  so this latest mash-up is quite appropriate for the summer season. Fans will be able to add Honoka, Kasumi, Marie Rose, and Nyotengu to their mobile fight lists when the King Of Fighters AllStar/Dead or alive 6 crossover launches on July 29.

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