What Scarlett Johansson ‘Black Widow’ Told Her Co-Star About Samuel L . Jackson

Scarlett Johansson Updates: Disney’s most expected movie, “Black Widow” has just dropped out, and here is what Scarlett told her co-star Florence Pugh. The movie was released on July 9 in theatres and Disney+. In this movie, Scarlett Johansson will be reprising her role as “Black Widow” aka Natasha Romanoff for one last time.

This movie will provide a wide and detailed description of the character’s backstory. The character Natasha Romanoff was first featured in Marvel cinematic universe in 201s “Iron Man2”.

The film is set in the timeline between 2016s “Captain America: Civil War” and 2018s “Avengers: Infinity War”. At the end of Captain America: Civil war, Natasha was on the run after helping Captain America escape. As a wanted Avenger, Natasha decided to hide in her Birth country with the help of a friend Mason which was played by “O.T.

Fagbenele”. Being a state fugitive, Natasha was forced to separate from the join forces of the Avengers. In her hometown, she reunites with her sister Yelena, played by Florence Pugh, who also happens to be an assassin. From the film, it is clear that Yelena will be featured in the upcoming Marvel Universe movies.

A lifelong dream came true:

Florence Pugh in her latest interview shared about her experience and advice, she got from her co-actors. When Pugh got a call for joining the Marvel Franchise, she was genuinely thrilled and it’s like a dream come true for her. When she first met the film’s director Cate, she couldn’t believe that she was being considered for that role.

When she watches a superhero movie, she always wanted to play a role in those genres of movies. Getting such a role at this point of time in her career, Pugh was very lucky and she immediately accepted the offer. To play a role as Scarlett Johansson’s younger sister, Yelena, is like a lifelong dream come true for Pugh. She felt the whole thing surreal. She got a call that the role is for her and she immediately accepted the offer.

A gift to Florence from Scarlett Johansson:


Scarlett told Pugh that she needed a lot of stamina as the shoot would belong. Scarlett said that Florence was struggling with her landing and also completing the complicated moves, in the early days of the shoot. Pugh was an athletic person and was fantastic with the choreography.

Scarlett was happened to tell Pugh that she wasn’t a professional athlete. She assured Pugh that they were going to sharpen all of her moves. The only important thing Pugh has to care about is her performance because it is what she wants to add to that character.

Scarlett remembered the advice given to her by her frequent co-star Sam Jackson. He once told Scarlett that stunts and complicated moves are should be done by professionals. He told Scarlett that he doesn’t want her to break by practicing Muay Thai in four days. It’s just not going to happen.

Bringing emotion to the character is the most important thing he wanted from his co-stars. And Scarlett said it was the most important thing she tried to gift Florence.

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