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Rachel McAdams becomes latest celebrity advocating for old growth forests

Rachel McAdams
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Rachel McAdams Updates: Canadian actor, Rachel McAdams, has joined Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, and David Suzuki to call on the B.C. government to stop logging the last old growth forests across the province.

Stand.earth  is a grassroots environmental association established in 2000. The organization preserves threatened forests by modifying corporate strategy and political laws in the United States and Canada. Stand.earth (formerly ForestEthics) uses free education, advocacy, protest, negotiation, and non-violent direct action tactics to fulfill its aims.

Rachel McAdams is the newest star promoting the protection of old-growth forests in new viral video operations from the grassroots environmental group Stand Earth.

She follows other outstanding personalities and scientists, like a broadcaster and environmental activist David Suzuki, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, writer Margaret Atwood, and recent Hollywood co-star Mark Ruffalo.
The YouTube drive is termed “The World is Watching,” and Stand. Earth highlights that some of the old-growth forests at hazard are over 1,000 years old.

What David Suzuki has to say about growth forests?

 Rachel McAdams
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McAdams, who was born in London, Ontario, is best remembered for her performance in films like The Notebook, Mean Girls, and Game Night.

She also co-starred with Mark Ruffalo, another star in this drive, in the film Spotlight.
The 30-second video highlights several voices highlighting the importance of old-growth forests, as well as the shortage of effort and ignored commitments from Premier John Horgan.

On the peak of the lumbering warning facing old growth forests, BC forests at large are currently suffering a higher hazard of wildfires due to the notably dry and hot climate over the last week.

After wildfires devastated much of Lytton, the area of Kamloops, BC, underwent its abandonment order, but fire teams had that fire under administration as of late Friday morning, and people can return.

Stand.Earth is urging people to sign a petition requesting the BC management to take action. At the time of reporting, the petition has nearly 150,000 names.

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