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Eric Church and George Strait Bonded Over James Brown

Eric Church
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Eric Church Updates: In 2014, Eric Church joined George Strait at the last stop of the country icon’s farewell tour, yet it was another show of Strait’s the place where the two musicians got the chance to become more familiar with one another during the downtime on the bus with getting a little help from James Brown.

Church looked back on the moment during a conversation with Zane Lowe for At Home With on Apple Music, sharing that it was “one of the coolest damned things” that he had ever seen.

He said he got an opportunity to know George a little and abe around with George a bit. He played his last tour, his farewell tour with George. They played Texas Stadium.

It was extraordinary. That was his last show. But his favorite one was that they came upon his bus… It was an acoustic show as well as the first show he did in front of his show in Omaha, Nebraska.

Eric Church and George Strait

Eric Church
Classic Country Music

After his show, they used to go up on his bus and he also took his wife. Quite recently, George has played. He is the king. He just played in the round for these people. There they were talking about music and he mentioned James Brown. George goes, ‘I love James Brown.’ And he said, ‘Oh great.'”

Church proceeded to say George getting his boots off and he’s in gold-tone dark socks, similar to the dress socks, and said, ‘Well, how about if he put some James Brown, please”. Before he knows it George Strait is tearing down in the middle of the bus. They were all dancing and his wife was tearing down.

He was watching George Strait dance in gold-tone socks to James Brown. It’s one of the coolest things he has found in his life. He hasn’t seen anything like that. It is cool as s—. It was the best he has ever watched.

The church is going to come back soon on the road on its own Gather Again Tour, which starts on Sept. 17 in Lexington, Kentucky, and will go through May 2022 in an in-the-round set up with the last stop at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He released his most recent album in April, the triple album Heart and Soul.

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