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Why An Animal Crossing Gacha Game Is Inevitable

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Updates: Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a 2020 game. The game is developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game is in the Animal Crossing series. In this game, the player takes control of a character who moves to a deserted island after the purchase of a gateway package from Tom Nook.

The game has received major positive acclamation from critics, praising its gameplay and customization options and calling it the best game in the entire series. The game has also received several accolades. It has been a major commercial success, breaking several records.

Animal crossing games put much emphasis on RNG and colorful characters, both of which are common hallmarks of the microtransaction-filled Gacha game genre. There is no hint regarding an Animal Crossing Gacha game yet, but the current industry trends and certain aspects of New Horizon seem to make the possibility of Gacha game inevitable.

Gacha games earn money based on the random drop chances of desired items or characters. Every game has its own surprising elements, from the spawning of New Horizons’ rare bugs and fish to the arrival and departure of new villagers, players can never be sure of what and when they will encounter in the future.

What is Animal Crossing Gacha Game

Animal Crossing

This makes the Gacha styled game to be profitable to be adopted in the near future. Nintendo has already hinted on some Gacha mechanics in Pocket Camp via “fortune cookie” loot boxes.

New Horizons emphasizes traveling vendors like Kicks, Labelle, and the infamous Redd. Animal Crossing Gacha game supply players with daily spins (spins of a wheel, rolls of a die, turns of the lever on a gachapon machine, et)to see which vendor would show up.

Moreover, the characters offered by Animal Crossing are very distinguished which allows the players to expend cash to buy their favorite players. This is yet another attribute of a Gacha game.

The game is very much popular among its fans worldwide. The popularity of the game is growing every day. Furthermore, fans are very excited about what the future of the game will be like. Whether it will introduce many new features or not is a question players are looking forward to.

Hopefully, future games should not include islands filled with microtransactions and loot boxes. But it should not surprise the fans if it is the case. Anyway, fans are going to love the game.