Finn Wolfhard VOWS To Never Come Back To TikTok: “(It’s) Ridiculous”

Finn Wolfhard Updates: Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard(Mike Wheeler) uncovers that he accepts people taking TikTok “way too seriously”, in an interview with Esquire Germany.

We should rewind.

For the people who don’t have any idea, Finn has an official TikTok account with the username @bruised_soup, however, it is yet to be confirmed and verified. Back in July 2019, his first TikTok video was uploaded and had a reach of about 5.5 million views.

There are 6 videos altogether in Finn’s official TikTok account with a total of 15.7 million likes. Back on March 2020, the last video the Stranger Things’ star posted back with the accompanying description that people have been asking more tik toks. Here you go. Bye forever?? #fyp

​A couple of months later in November 2020, Finn revealed that one reason why he stopped making TikTok videos during Ganmio Meet and Greet was because of his friends. Regardless of that, he told his hopeful fans that he might make a “comeback” at some point.

Quick forward, and during an interview with Esquire Germany, Finn finally opens up and tells on his actual feelings about TikTok, and how he thinks people taking TikTok “way too seriously”.

Finn Wolfhard About Leaving TikTok


​He said Instagram is, to him, way more fun than TikTok. He has never been into TikTok.

He made a couple of dumb videos and people inquire him whether he wants to return and he would truly not prefer to because he thinks people take the app too seriously.

After then ​Finn finished his thoughts by expressing how he doesn’t “suit” TikTok, and vowing to never make another TikTok video.

Despite the fact that Finn accepts that social media is “crazy”, he expressed that social media should be used to do “great things” as they can communicate and reach a big wide audience.

He also said that ​ he thinks [social media] could be used for quite amazing things. He figures out that it could reach a wide crowd and do incredible things with its platforms.

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