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Battlefield 2042 Will Use Bots To Fill Huge 128-Player Servers

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Updates: EA revealed that Battlefield 2042 will have massive 128-player servers and the empty Conquest and Breakthrough player slots will be filled by bots.

Battlefield 2042 is getting launched in October 2021, and EA has confirmed that bots will be used to fill its huge 128-player servers. The game has a large scale and hectic battlegrounds that a new generation of console hardware will allow for.

With EA’s latest statement about the the128-player servers, it would appear that at least some of those specialists might end up being AI-controlled.

EA has used bots to fill multiplayer servers before. In both the Star Wars Battlefront games, bits have been utilized to make less populated servers feel more alive. Game modes like Conquest and Breakthrough are the ones most preferred by the players of the Battlefield series.

This causes players difficulty in finding servers hosting other modes. EA and DICE have a battle-tested solution for these players who struggle to find populated servers hosting other modes.

As reported by The Verge, EA has confirmed that they will be backfilling the servers with bots to keep them populated. During peak playtimes, one might never encounter a bot because human players will be given priority.

Battlefield 2042 Huge Player Servers

Battlefield 2042

They mention specifically that it applies to both Conquest and Breakthrough modes. The number of bots who end up in the lobby will depend on a plethora of factors including region, platform, and the number of human players available to join up.

EA said that if one does not prefer playing with bots, other modes are available that are not subjected to this decision. Battlefield 2042 is reported to have several new game modes, such as Hazard Zone and an unnamed, mystery mode that is yet to be revealed.

There is nothing known about these new modes yet. If the new modes are not quite different from the old ones, it would result in a split in the player base. It would mean that bots can make their way into these new modes in due time if players are fine with them in Conquest and Breakthrough mode during the launch.

There have been rumors of EA implementing cross-play in Battlefield 2042. The rumors have been unfounded because EA has not shared any plans of introducing cross-play for the game. For now, bots will be part of the life in Battlefield 2042.

The bots used in Str Wars Battlefront II were just a little more than moving target dummies. It could be the same for Battlefield 2042 or it is possible that EA has tweaked them this time around.