Legacies Season 4 Ending & Cleo’s Fate Explained

Legacies Season 3


Legacies Season 4 Updates: The Legacies season three finale spoke back questions and raised others, especially concerning the fates of Landon & Cleo and if Clarke is really reformed.

Legacies season three ended with some of the characters’ fates up in the air, particularly Landon and Cleo; this is the finishing defined and the whole lot it units up for Legacies season 4. The 1/3 season of Legacies turned into a piece choppy way to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, as usual, defeating Malivore remained the vital problem.

Two unavoidable truths loomed over the season, the primary being that Hope needed to die so that it will grow to be the tribrid and defeat Malivore and the second one being that Hope and Landon’s courting is doomed; they’re incompatible with every different as he is the son of Malivore and she’s fated to wreck it.

Still, the 1/3 season located time to accurately make bigger storylines for different characters, carry new characters into the fold and boom the visibility of others. The finale noticed some of the season-length storylines coming to a head.

A few episodes ago, Hope subsequently confronted the inevitable fact of her being fated to die so that it will grow to be the tribrid. However, way to Clarke, of all not likely people, she’s found out that she has pals and her own circle of relatives she will depend on.

Speaking of Clarke, his plan to get away from Malivore appears to have worked, as he is now reputedly human and reputedly reformed. Unfortunately, it turned into discovered that Landon wasn’t Landon at all, however Malivore in his body–and now Cleo is trapped in Malivore, as well, after the creature swallowed her whole.

Legacies Season 4 Cleo’s Fate


The finale additionally supplied a similar wish that Josie and Lizzie are developing far from their courting hangups and codependence on every difference. When Finch disappeared to every other spot withinside the school, Josie’s instinctive reaction, as usual, turned into fear Finch turned into mad at her.

Finch confident her she wasn’t, however additionally made it clean she desired no secrets and techniques among them, something Josie hasn’t usually been brilliant at doing. Meanwhile, Lizzie truly took a threat on herself and stated sure to date with Ethan, a signal she is probably shifting on from MG.

As for MG and Kaleb, they have got patched up their friendship and are returned to being the dynamic duo, even rescuing a few passengers from an automobile accident. As for Alaric, he is taken a huge step this season and has subsequently well-known that he can not be overprotective of his students, evidenced through him sending MG and Kaleb on an undertaking to music down Cleo and Landon.

The barely choppy Legacies season three finale resolved some questions and raised some of the others, with some tendencies withinside the episode certain to have a primary effect on man or woman dynamics subsequent season. Here’s the Legacies season three finishing defined.

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