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Call of Duty Season 3 Update Reverts The Delay On Slide Canceling

Call of Duty Season 3

Call of Duty Season 3 Updates: The concept of slide canceling is restored in the new update of the game Call of Duty. The slide canceling is a multiplayer tactic that is very favorable for the serious players of Call of Duty. The feature was disabled in season 3 of the game, which was launched on 22 April.

It is similar to bunnyhopping in the counter strike. Slide Canceling helps the players of Call of Duty to move faster combined with the usual.  The game constitutes starting with an initial sprint, then the hit slide, and then cancels and repeating these steps again and again. Master the skills of the game takes a little time but avoiding the gunfire is quite easy.

At the start of season 3, the movement has been changed to force players used to finish their slide animations, which is quite like the Dark Souls Game.

Following the remote update of the Cold War season 3, Slide canceling is against the instant. For making things clear for the new or casual fans. It is quite expected to be really running. The new players might not have the time to learn the advanced tricks.

Call of Duty Season 3 Canceling

Call of Duty Season 3

The backlash to the nerf appeared to have been coming from the most dedicated players, which also includes the pro community. So it doesn’t worth anything that the tactics have been made public from the 2018 Call of duty’s: Black Ops 4.

There is a challenge for the developer in balancing a multiplayer shooter game. It is very difficult for predicting how the players will use the weapons, vehicles, or abilities in a real situation.

Changing something in the game can also upset the players. And it is completely regardless of what the change is all about.

For many years Call of Duty hasn’t been a focus of the players. The most popular modes in the series are the Zombies Spinoff and also between May 19 and June 18, the players of the Cold war are able to get the operating bundles for John Rambo and Die Hard’s, John McClane.


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