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Critics Say Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Is Unbalanced and Unpolished

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Updates: Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is the latest in a long series of video games that bring the aesthetic and setting of Dungeons & Dragons to the digital realm. The game is an action RPG that is a spiritual successor to the early 2000s’ Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance titles. Unlike Baldur’s Gate III, which gives players near-infinite flexibility in terms of character creation and choices.

The game’s reviews are in, and critics are divided on Dark Alliance as a whole. While some people have praised the combat-focused approach to D&D‘s universe, others have found it irritating and sluggish, especially in single-player.

Some of these flaws may be rectified in future updates, but the game appears to be unpolished in its current condition. Here are what reviewers had to say about Dungeons & Dragons: The Forgotten Realms.

Andy Kelly, PC Gamer: “Dark Alliance has been designed with co-op in mind. Zoey Handley, Destructoid: “The problems with playing single-player become apparent pretty quickly. The AI in Dark Alliance is absolutely daft. I spent most of my playtime as Catti-Brie (which was probably a bad choice in retrospect) and was perfectly capable of standing on a ledge to soften up groups of enemies. They can’t work ledges, period.

Dungeons & Dragons: Unpolished

Dungeons & Dragons

Rather than mull about trying to get to you, they just act like you’re not there while you take potshots. They’ll even continue conversations while you try to interrupt them by feeding arrows into their groin.”

Paul Mason, “Dark Alliance could be great for the casual gamer who might want to explore Dungeons and Dragons further. Veterans of the tabletop game are ought to be pleased with the focus on Icewind Dale lore.

Similarly, while the game isn’t too stat-heavy, there are enough attributes, numbers, and abilities to manage to keep Dungeons and Dragons fans happy. The story is quite light, but Tuque Games has done a great job of realizing the setting of Icewind Dale and its history.”