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Republic Of Sarah: What Happens After Declaring Independence

Republic Of Sarah

Republic Of Sarah Updates: The pilot of The Republic of Sarah came out last week. The story revolves around a small town that declares itself as a sovereign state. But is it that easy to form a new country?

The Republic of Sarah premiered on June 14, 2021. It revolves around a small town called Greylock in New Hampshire and a young high-school teacher who finds herself leading the town when it declares itself as an independent state. The show raises the question: Is it easy to found a new nation?

One day, during a lecture on the Revolutionary Wars, Sarah proclaims that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. It is a subtle foreshadowing of the on-coming revolution brought on by an international mining company called Lydon that plans to invade Greylock. In order to save the town from destruction, Sarah utilizes an obscure cartographical loophole to declare Greylock as a sovereign state.

Established somewhere on the border between the United States and Canada, Sarah finds out that Greylock was never officially confirmed as an American city because of an unresolved dispute regarding where the national borders fell.

Republic Of Sarah: Know What Happened After Independence

Republic Of Sarah

When the truth is presented to the town, an election follows where most of the town’s people vote in favor of declaring the town as an independent state. The mayor of the town resigns in the wake of the decision and it falls on Sarah to lead the town and build it as a sovereign state.

The guidelines detailed in the 1933 Montevideo Convention suggest that an independent state needs four things to be recognized by other nations; a permanent population, a defined territory, an official government, and the ability to establish friendly relations with other states. The town of Greylock seems to meet all the criteria based on the pilot of The Republic of Sarah.

While there is nothing to stop a nation from asserting itself as an independent state, there is also little to stop a larger, better-established nation from sinking into a new nation before it establishes itself. This fact can be seen establishing itself in the final scene of the pilot of The Republic of Sarah, as Sarah is arrested by the FBI for sedition.

Apart from such petty politics, the people of Greylock must face the challenge of infrastructure. The new nation must face the challenge of providing for the people.

While there is plenty of water since the town is located on a riverbank, the people will shortly find themselves in need of electricity unless there is an independently owned power plant in the town. In the future episodes of The Republic of Sarah, Greylock must face the many challenges that come with the idea of building a new nation.

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