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Stranger Things Season 4: David Harbor teases a revealing sequel, bigger and more spectacular

Stranger Things Season 4 David Harbor

Stranger Things Season 4: During an interview, David Harbor teases season 4 of Stranger Things, which he describes as bigger, more spectacular, but also as his favorite part.

New Stranger Things Season 4 photos show Eleven in terrible shape! If this is to worry fans, these snaps go hand in hand with recent comments from David Harbor, aka Sheriff Hopper. The actor gave an interview to Collider, in which he reveals some elements on the next episodes. David Harbor begins by saying that Stranger Things Season 4, still awaited on Netflix, is undoubtedly his favorite because it is much more spectacular than the previous ones. And for good reason, for the first time, the cast will leave Hawkins and in particular his character, imprisoned in a camp in Kamtchatka, Russia.

“It’s bigger, it’s the first thing to remember. In terms of scope, scale, then also because we are no longer in Hawkins”, he begins to explain before giving further. details: “We are introducing new things, but we are also tightening and finishing what has been started so that it has a clear, clean, specific, and definitive ending at some point. As for Hopper, we will see his rebirth.

Stranger Things Season 4 David Harbor details

We are exploring many. sons of his life that have just been hinted at and we’ll see a lot more of. And there are some real surprises that you know nothing about that will start to appear and turn the show upside down. “ To prepare properly for season 4 of Stranger Things, here’s everything there is to know about the sequel!

Stranger Things season 4: Hopper’s look changed because of Red Guardian in Black Widow?

Stranger Things plays with our emotions! If we were able to discover the new trailer forStranger Things Season 4 recently, fans are still eagerly awaiting the release date of the next episodes. We tell you right away: this is not what David Harbor, the interpreter of the iconic Sheriff Hopper, will reveal during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, his revelations still deserve your full attention.

Soon to be seen in Black Widow as Red Guardian, the actor was desperate for fans to be able to separate his two roles. And yet, in the beginning, it was not won …
Indeed, the Duffer brothers initially wanted to portray his character as a longtime prisoner. Obviously, he, therefore, sported long hair (a little grubby) and a substantial beard. The problem is, this is already the style he will adopt for his character of Red Guardian in the Marvel film.