Loki Episode 3: How Powerful Lady Loki Is Compared To Loki

Loki Episode 3 Updates: Who is Lady Loki? Loki has appeared in numerous forms throughout the ages, including feminine ones, but in 2008, he prominently took on a feminine figure for a period of time using his shape-shifting powers. Lady Loki lingered for some time, influencing Marvel’s heroes like usual, but what’s remarkable is that it’s still Loki, not a different version of the persona.

As both Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston are playing different versions of the God of Mischief, the Loki series clearly shows that their abilities are separate. The new show features Loki as he attempts to assist the TVA, who are the controllers of Sacred Timeline, in tracking down a parallel evil Loki who is interfering with chronology.

Agent Mobius discusses all the intricacies of Loki variations in episode 2. Loki appears to be one of the MCU characters who deviates the most from the TVA’s Sacred Timeline, with no two Loki incarnations being identical. Mobius talks through numerous Loki forms, including a Hulk-like Loki and a Frost Giant Loki, which the TVA appears to have faced.

He also clarifies that Loki versions sometimes have different abilities. While Hiddleston’s Loki appears to have all of the traditional Loki superpowers and skills like shape-shifting and illusions, Lady Loki has one major improvement.

Loki Episode 3 Lady Loki


Lady Loki possesses strong mind control, which the original Loki lacked in the MCU. Once, Loki tracked her down in a shop in Alabama in 2050, Lady Loki controls many individuals and talks through them while her actual form is elsewhere carrying out her intentions as usual.

Something that was interesting, was when those individuals came out of the spell, it looked like they had seen bad visions and had horrified looks on their faces. In this 2nd episode, Loki calls her possession ‘cowardly’ which only shows how jealous Loki is.

Loki does practice mind control, but it is about suggestibility and manipulation than possession. He has used mind control on many individuals in The Avengers, but that was because of the Scepter, which contained the Mind Stone.

Maybe Lady Loki and Loki are more similar than it looks. And it’s possible Loki isn’t envious when he labels Lady Loki’s spell “amateurish.” It may be because he already knows how to do it. But again, when it comes to Loki, it’s always jealousy.

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