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Elite Season 4: Why did Carla actress Ester Expósito leave Elite?

Elite Season 4
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Elite Season 4 Updates: One of the most interesting series on Netflix is the ELITE. It is ruling the trending list since last year. Season 4 is officially getting released but the sad news that it is said that there is a change in the cast and crew. The main characters didn’t show up in season 4.

Carla who is the ex-girlfriend of Polo’s and also caught up in a love triangle did not show up in season 4.

After that character left the school and goes to an unnamed location. Carla rules the hearts of the fans with her own beauty and character.

The real reason behind this is not revealed and it is said that they had been on a 3-year contract. Only some of them renewed it. Fans are so disheartened by this news and hoping for her to return.

Elite Season 4: Why Did Carla leave?

Binge-watching viewers are really very disappointed with the decision of Netflix. They make the main characters disappear from the series, But also accept the point that the high school students somehow has to move on.

The name Elite in Spanish means Obvious. The series is obviously thrilling and it depicts the high school life of so many people.

Elite Season 4
Daily Express

The most famous character of the series, Ester expositor playing the role of Carla left the Series. Her fans are like “How can we think of Elite without her? It seems like a body with soul!”.

Carl, the daughter of the topmost businessman who owns a large number of vineyards is more lovely in the series. The series moves on with the main character gone missing and murdered.

 The Negative Reviews:

It gained even many negative comments for depicting the life of students who comes to the high school just with scholarship. The Students are bullied and they are treated badly. The students are least worried about their bullies and concentrate on their own goals.

They even try to mingle with the rich students of their school. However, some students readily mingle with them. With Carla leaving the show, the series expects its own plot. It might have some twisting sequences with new characters.

Happy binge-watching with your popcorns ready near you!