Why There Will Be No Need For Google Authenticator For iPhone Users With iOS 15

Why There Will Be No Need For Google Authenticator For iPhone Users With iOS 15

Apple is taking care of the need for iPhone users to download a verification app, a built-in authenticator will be in place but it may not work for everyone.

Apple’s iOS 15 will have a built-in authenticator to iPhone, thus removing the need for the Google authenticator or any other code-generating verification app. The latest iOS update is bringing a wide range of interesting changes and useful upgrades, with features like improved Facetime, messaging, privacy, accessibility, and more.

It’s common these days to have an authenticator app, this is due to the increased number and security risks while being connected to the internet. Although there are multiple options to choose from, Google has emerged as being a trustworthy and most popular app for managing these codes, and also with recent updates, the security codes can now be transferred from an older iPhone to a newer one.

This could soon change when iOS 15 starts rolling out to the compatible iPhone models, after the update the users of particular iPhones will no longer need to download the additional apps for these codes.

Why There Will Be No Need For Google Authenticator For iPhone Users With iOS 15

The iOS 15 comes loaded with a built-in authenticator feature; though there are no clear details or information made available by Apple on how does this actually works. But this does make sure the iPhone users will not have to rely on external applications to generate authentication codes.

The use of authenticator to access apps and services on the internet is only going to increase in near future, and Apple’s solution looks like a decent option for many users. With this update the additional apps will not take the storage space which is much needed, also Apple is making sure that this process is smooth and easygoing for the users.

A seamless experience for instance if the users generate the codes once and in use, iPhone will be able to auto-fill these codes when needed, thus getting rid of time to switch in between the apps and also the speed up the whole process.

Taking everything into account there is an issue with this, the built-in authenticator will only be made accessible on that device that has been upgraded to iOS 15.

In layman terms, you will need to have an Apple device that has the recent upgrade of iOS 15 to run the built-in authenticator or you will have to rely on the Google Authenticator or other apps services. For those users who switch between platforms and devices, this makes the built-in authenticator of little use to them.