Resident Evil Village Mod Adds Heisenberg’s Hammer & Other Melee Weapons

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Updates: A new Resident Evil Village mod has technically added Heisenberg’s Hammer and a few other melee weapons to Ethan’s weapon inventory.

This latest in what has been a long-running franchise features quite a few weapons for the protagonist to make use of, but most of them are ranged weapons, as the staple shotgun.

For most of the part of the game, Ethan is only equipped with a default knife for combating enemies in close range when the ammo is limited, as the other available melee weapons in-game can be obtained only after you complete the game’s main story.

This has put Ethan in an unfavorable position with limited weapon options, as there are a few impressive ones in the game but are simply out of reach. One of which is the Heisenberg’s Hammer, which is a massive war hammer wielded by Karl Heisenberg, who is one of Mother Miranda’s servants and one of the four heads of the game’s four houses.

It would have been good for a change if Ethan could can his hands on Heisenberg’s Hammer or any of the other melee weapons wielded by enemies in the game.

Resident Evil Village: Melee Weapons

Resident Evil Village

The mod was released by MadMax on Nexus Mods earlier this week, and as the name suggests the mod allows players to swap the weapon model of the default knife to other available weapons in the game.

According to MadMax, the model can be changed to any other found in the game files that Ethan is able to wield, giving the player a number of options to choose from. They also added that the Fluffy Manager mod will be required to install in order to use the More Melee Weapons mod.

But it should be noted that the mod simply swaps the model, it does not change the properties of the weapon you can wield such as damage, Speed, and range all of these properties remain that of the knife.

What mod does is visual swaps the model of the weapon from knife to Lycan Spear, Hesineberg’s Hammer, and other Melee weapons but without changes in the default properties of that of the knife.

Unless Capcom somehow lets players obtain more of the game’s currently featured melee weapons, or add a new one than Ethan Winter can equip, players will have to make do with mods such as More Melee Weapons.

It’s unclear whether or not Capcom is working on story DLC for Resident Evil Village, given the way its story and world are formatted, but the success of the game could lead to its inception in near future.