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Owl House Season 2: Plot, Theme, Release Date, Everything We Know

Owl House Season 2

Owl House Season 2 Updates: The Owl House season 2 is set to premiere on June 12th, 2021 and it’s turning out to be much darker in tone than the first season, take a look at what should you be expecting of season 2.

Season 2 of the hit cartoon series The Owl House is finally premiering June 12, 2021; and here’s everything we’ve known so far. The series is created by artist and writer Dana Terrace, the series was aired in the first half of 2020, it was initially planned to have a second season, a decision which has turned out to be a wise one as the show has become very popular, and with the active fans of the cartoon series, the popularity of the series is only going to boil furthermore when the second season airs.

The story follows a teenage girl Luz Noceda, who is accidentally transported from the “real” world to the Boiling Isles, a fantasy realm that is full of magic and monsters. There she turns out to be a trainer for Eda the Owl Lady and then sets on the path to becoming the first-ever human witch.

The series stands out with a unique blend of humor, adventure, and dark fantasy. It looks to feed off of Harry Potter and other horror films in terms of inspiration.

Owl House Season 2 Theme

Owl House Season 2

At the end of The Owl House season 1, Luz rose above the expectation and outwitted Emperor Belos to save Eda’s life, but it cost Eda’s magic and her only way back home. The story ends with both of them locked up as fugitives, but also Eda’s sister Lilith who joined them and betrayed the Emperor, thus losing out on her magic powers in the process.

Season 2 will pick up from where it left, with the first few episodes dealing with the events. Disney has released the titles along with the summaries of the first five episodes for season 2, which are names “Separate Tides”, “Escaping Expulsion”, “Echoes of the Past”, “Keeping Up A-fear-ances”, and “Through the Looking Glass Ruins”.

The new episodes are also going to feature new characters alongside the regular casts, Season 2 will have a total of 21 episodes, and titles and stories of the remaining ones have yet to be announced.

The first episode of The Owl House season 2 is set to premiere Saturday, June 12th and episodes will follow the suit of weekly episodes up until August 14th.


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