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Pixel 6 To Get A Major GPU Performance Upgrade Over Pixel 5?

Pixel 6

Pixel 6 Updates: Pixel 6 is turning out to be really good. The news and leaks that are coming, all indicate that this time’s Pixel might have an upgrade in almost all the aspects.

The design and hardware have already been leaked of the 6 and the 6 Pro. And now the info. comes regarding the GPU Performance of the Pixel 6.

The last year’s Pixel, the Pixel 5, was an excellent phone for the price. It had a high-quality fast OLED display, great cameras, and a good compact design. Though it had an issue, which was its performance. No one was happy to see a mid-range processor in a Google Flagship. It had a Snapdragon 765G, which was a mid-range 5G chipset. Though people were satisfied with the device due to a budget-friendly price tag,

But this time, the Pixel 6 is turning out to be a huge upgrade. It has an in-house processor from Google which is tipped to be powerful, it would have larger camera sensors, a new design, and many more things to look for.

Pixel 6 Upgrade

Pixel 6

Recently, on the Google Issue Tracker, a device named ‘P21’ appeared with the Mali-G78 GPU. Previously, this ‘P21’ has been identified as the Pixel 6. This means that there would be a huge upgrade in GPU performance this year. XDA developers were the first to spot this and so they brought this news.

Let’s talk about this new GPU. While it is new in the Pixel Series, it has been used before. The Mali G78 is the same graphics chip that was found in the global variants of the Galaxy S21 and Huawei Mate X2.

Though we don’t have info. regarding the clock speeds and the manufacturing architecture, the fact that this GPU will be present in the new Pixel is exciting. This would help improve the performance of the device, as well as help to play high-end games without any issues.

Though the biggest issue with Pixel devices is the pricing. Google must surely get the pricing of their Pixel lineup right this time. Designs and specs are a thing of importance for sure, but if the price tag is unjustified, the devices would be bound to have lesser sales. Google should learn a thing or two from the failure of LG.

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