Why Should GTA Online Add Farming Mechanics, Why It May Not Work Out

GTA Online

GTA Online Updates: GTA should have more peaceful options of in-game playing activity for the players, and given the fertile lands based out of Los Santos, farming could turn out into a great option.

Without a doubt, GTA Online is full of wild and adventurous activities for players to take part in, but the developers of the game Rockstar Games have not done substantially for the peaceful gameplay options away from the hub of the city.

It may strike as a strange idea to add more relaxed activity in a game that is well known for criminal activity, keeping in mind how the popularity of GTA Online roleplay gameplay has surged in recent years, many of the players are looking for new options to immerse themselves in the world., and Farming could turn out to be such an experience.

It could be a difficult road to stray for Rockstar games to away from to current away of business ventures. Most probably the company would like to stick with the current scenario that is available to the players.

But Farming could make sense, as certain relevant assets are in the game, and the activity for the same could be built on a similar mechanical foundation as that of existing MC businesses.

GTA Online Add Farming Mechanics

GTA Online

Though to build such a mode the game would have to start from scratch, GTA Online already has some farming assets in place. The countryside surrounding Los Santos does provide the potential farmland.

MC businesses already have upgraded paths and a farm could take that to next level, with different crops to grow, animals to raise, and general labor to complete.

It would be interesting to see GTA acknowledging the roleplay to boom with content, especially as the portion of the player base continues to grow for the game. But as good as this option may sound the farming mechanic might be in GTA Online, there are a few reasons it might not work.

All the other business in the game involves criminal activities like forging documents and making drugs, so to change this theme could turn out a bigger jump Rockstar would want to take.

Red Dead Online might be more of a natural for passive business activities like farming as an extension of RDO’s existing roles, it could turn out to be testing grounds for less crime-oriented occupations in GTA. If these were to happen to end up in GTA Online (hypothetical situation) roleplay players will find the game to be much more enjoyable.

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