Far Cry 6 Reveal May Have Had a Better Call Saul Reference

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Far Cry 6 Updates: An Easter egg with the reference of AMC’s Better Call Saul may have been discovered in the latest Far Cry 6 trailer, liking the two of Esposito’s villainous characters.

The AMC’s infamous Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fans believe that they have found an Easter egg related to the TV series in the Far Cry 6 Trailer, and it may link the two-star Giancarlo Esposito’s villain characters together.

Both of the franchises had Esposito playing the key role of antagonist, it is likely hard for Ubisoft to resist having some kind of reference to Esposito’s famous TV role in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 is Ubisoft’s recent adventure in the open-world FRS franchise, this time around the players will be tasked to liberate a fictional Caribbean island named Yara, which is under the control of a dictator called Anton Castillo that Giancarlo Esposito portrays.

The totalitarian dictator has complete control over the island nation and will be up against armed revolt. The origin of the character comes from the dynasty of Yaran dictators and intends on isolating the whole nation from the real world thus imposing his power and control over the people.

This trait of the dictator is very similar to that of Gustavo Fring from beloved crime dramas Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Far Cry 6 Trailer


As pointed out by some users on the Better Call Saul subreddit, it seems that Far Cry 6’s recent trailer had a direct mention to fan-favorite Gustavo Fring line.

Redditor akanxh_007 shared the clip of Far Cry’s Anton Castillo quote, “ If a dog refuses to break, then we must put then down”, alongside Fring’s Better Call Saul line, “A dog who bites every owner he’s hands can only be disciplined with a firm hand.

Or put down.” The lines used in the trailer are almost similar to that from the original quotes from the show, in which Fring is speaking to Hector Salamanca in the hospital.

Though this may be a far stretched idea, as Esposito’s fantastic and devilish acting does very well in both cases, there could be an international link between the two on Ubisoft’s part.

It may a case where the role of Giancarlo Esposito be influenced by Gustavo Fring. It will be an interesting watch to see how much of Gustavo Fring and Gideon may shine throughout Far Cry 6’s final release. Fans will have to wait till October to see if the rumor did turn out to be true.

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