Firefly Lane Season 2 Release Date & What We Know So Far

Firefly Lane Season 2 Updates: Firefly Lane is an American drama television series. The show has been created by Maggie Friedman for Netflix. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah. The show debuted on Netflix on 3rd February 2021.

The show is about the life of two teenage girls in the 1970s till their adulthood in the early 2000s. Released just a few months back, the show has been a hit and has definitely gathered an impressive fan base. According to Netflix, the show gathered 49 million worldwide viewers in just the first 28 days. The show has received mixed reviews.

No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes: 10

Katherine Heigl as Tully Hart
Sarah Chalke as Kate Mularkey
Ben Lawson as Johnny Ryan
Beau Garrett as Cloud
Yael Yurman as Marah Ryan
Brandon Jay McLauren as Travis
Jon Ecker as Max Brody
Chelah Horsdal as MArgie
Paul McGillion as Bud
Jenna Rosenow as Kimber Watts
Leo Rano as Leon
Luke Whoriskey as Brendan Serindipowicz
Brendan Taylor as Mutt
Jason McKinnon as Sean
Sunto Misati as Robbie ’74
Kristen  Robek as Carol
Andres Joseph as Gideon Vega
Patrick Sabongui as Chad Wiley
Martin Donovan as Wilson King

Firefly Lane Season 2 Renewed


Netflix has renewed Firefly Lane for the second season. Netflix announced it on 26th May 2021. Besides being renewed, the original novel also has a sequel titled Fly away which is an extension of the original story.

The first season of the show ended with many unanswered questions – is Johnny dead? What happened between Tully and Kate? Are Tully and Max over for good?. So the second season is expected to give away answers to those unanswered questions of the first season and also introduce new twists and turns.

The second season is expected to make an early 2022 release. No official release date has been announced yet and there is no official trailer available for the second season.

It seems like that the shooting for the second season has not begun yet. We can assume that the entire original cast of the first season will return for the second season.

There is also the chance of new characters entering the show for the second season. The second season is expected to follow the novels loosely, along with its follow-up season. Fans will definitely have to wait for a while before they can witness their favorite show for the second time But the wait will definitely be worth it!

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