FF7 Remake Intergrade To Allow Save Data Transfers After PS4 Update

FF7 Remake

FF7 Remake Updates: Square is patching the original PS4 version of FF7 Remake which will allow people jumping to PS5 version to carry on from where they left off.

In a recent update for the Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Playstation 4 has introduced a save data transfer tool, thus making it possible for the user to move progress over to game’s upcoming PS5 version, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. The data migration is cloud-based.

The FF7 Remake Intergrade is all set to add improved graphics, a photo capture mode, and PS5 Dualsense controller feedback to the existing experience.

Player who have the current-gen version will have exclusive access to game’s FF7 Episode Intermission DLC chapters staring Yuffie Kisaragi, with a  Midgar episode putting her and other few characters against Shinra Electric as they try to steal the “ultimate” material.

The upgraded version of the will boost performance and graphics too, allowing players to chose between the 60fps gameplay or high – resolution 4K feature.

FF7 Remake PS4 Update

FF7 Remake

Once the Final Fantasy 7 Remake 1.02 update hits on PS4 consoles, the file transfer option, labelled as Upload Save Data will appear in the game’s main menu. Although there has been no set limit on how many times the number of saves can be transferred, files can only uploaded one at a time.

This may have been a deliberate step to ensure the servers of the game does not get crowded and consume the space. Players will also automatically receive a trophy data carried over to FF7 Remake Intergrade.

The FF7 Remake Intergrade is all set to arrive on June 10th and it will be free for most of the existing FF7 Remake owners. A cost saving option is to buy a PS4 version of the game and then take free upgrade path, as the game is always available for sale.

Or else Square Enix will dent your pocket by $70 to buy FF7 Remake Intergrade directly. Final Fantasy 5 is set to finish its current story arc with Endwalker expansion, and Final Fantasy 7 the First Soldier, a mini battle royale is running now on beta for testing.

After Square decided to split and expand the original game in multiple parts, the developers still expects that the FF7 Remake’s five year cycle won’t ship until 2022, The entries stretched plans will however allow them to run the title on the PS5 hardware, and from then on a follow up to FF7 Remake Intergrade and more save transfer will be made available in place.

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