Netflix cancels Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2: Agreement Issue or Something Else?

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Updates: After “releasing from their contracts” the actors of the adaptation of the comic by Mark Millar, the platform announces its end.
The multi-million-dollar collaboration between Netflix and comic book writer Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick-Ass) is off to a bad start. The Jupiter Legacy, the first series resulting from that agreement, has been canceled by the platform after a single season.

The news was anticipated by the announcement that Netflix had “released from their contracts” the actors of the series, led by Josh Duhamel. A euphemism that was confirmed shortly after, and that the producer and scriptwriter of the series, Steven DeKnight commented on Twitter.

Netflix cancels Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2: Reasons

“It’s sad to see how the story comes to an end like this, but I wish Mark Millar and Netflix the best,” said the writer. “My deepest thanks to the crew and cast of The Legacy of Jupiter. And to the fans, I will always be grateful.”

For his part, Mark Millar announced that Netflix is ​​preparing the adaptation of another of his comics, Supercrooks, starring a group of supervillains. “I’ve always loved crime stories, from Scorsese to Tarantino, and supervillains are always the funniest part of any superhero story,” he explained.

However, speaking of The Legacy of Jupiter, he expressed his hope in a continuation of the series. “We hope to return to it later,” he wrote.

Recall that The Jupiter Legacy was the first fruit of the agreement between Mark Millar and Netflix, in which the platform bought the rights to the publisher Millarworld for around $ 32 million.

Now that Jupiter’s Legacy, the first result of that transaction, hits the platform, it’s time to ask yourself those questions. We warn that the answers (or the absence of them) will leave us quite dizzy.

Marvel’s offices would be a good place to start the survey: during its consolidation, the MCU drank in spurts of Ultimate continuity, a project by the scriptwriter who reviewed the most emblematic characters of the House of Las Vegas in a current (and cynical) key. Ideas. But the thing Don “t stay there.

In 2007, a Millar already hardened in DC and in the British comics had given his first marvel chime with Civil War, a crossover that would reach the cinema (2016) with remarkable results, but without the scale or moral ambiguities of an original that culminated nothing Less than with the assassination of Captain America.

And, if we talk about mutants, his comic book Old Man Logan (2009) was the genesis (otherwise distant) of Hugh Jackman’s best film as the Canadian with the claws of Adamantium.

If we go to indie content, Millar’s creations will also sound familiar to you: Wanted came to the cinema (2008) in an adaptation that did not resemble the original or the white of the eyes, while Kick-Ass and Kingsman had more respectful versions in which the screenwriter put a spoonful.

It remains to be seen if Jupiter’s Legacy transmits without cheating or cardboard the constants of his work (cynicism, the balances in the wire between good and evil) with this story of a first generation of costumed adventurers whose heirs (with Elena Kampouris and Andrew Horton at the helm) are more concerned with screwing up in the trendy clubs and maintaining their Instagram profiles than saving humanity.

We can only be sure of one thing: there will be smacks, and these will be epic, because when it comes time to write brutal fights, Millar has Scottish blood on it.

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